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Toward the Present: Elizabeth II

Since 1952 Queen Elizabeth II is reigning Great Britain. In 2012 she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee looking back on a period that has changed her country profoundly.
By examining 12 coins we have strolled through Great Britain’s history – this is the last part... more ]

The Irish harp

Every coin of Ireland, from 1 cent to 2 euros, features a harp. We ask why the harp plays such an important role in Irish identification. more ]

The coins of the Channel Island of Guernsey

The Channel Island of Guernsey is a popular destination with tourists. The island doesn’t form part of Great Britain, but, as Bailiwick, has been Crown dependency of the English monarchs since the Middle Ages. The local coins still bear witness to this. more ]

Penguins, Parrots and Pandas – New 50p celebrates fifty years of WWF

To mark the 50th anniversary of WWF, the Royal Mint is releasing a special 50p coin... more ]

The Royal Mint and the Egyptian Revolution

Egypt ranks among the best customers of the Royal Mint in Great Britain. Now the Guardian raised the question whether and how this relationship will be continued. The result was a misleading article, which has been corrected by the Royal Mint... more ]

John Lennon in gold for charity

A one-off strike of the GBP 5 John Lennon silver coin in 22 carat gold is to be auctioned by the Imagine Appeal. The auction will be conducted by Bonham’s on 29th June... more ]

The Royal couple united – for the first time also on a coin

For the first time in UK history a reigning Monarch and Consort have appeared on opposite sides of a UK coin. In occasion of Prince Philip’s 90th birthday appear His Royal Highness The Prince Philip on one side, Her Majesty The Queen on the other... more ]

Unique John Lennon Gold Coin sells for an amazing GBP 60,000 (USD 96,600)

The unique gold coin which portrayed former Beatle John Lennon on the obverse was sold for a staggering USD 96,600 at auction in London. The coin was kindly given to the Alder Hey “Imagine” appeal, the children’s hospital in Liverpool of whom Yoko Ono is an ardent patron... more ]

Royal Mint Reveals Final Coin In 2011 Gold Sovereign Collection

The Royal Mint has unveiled the 2011 GBP5 Sovereign Brilliant Uncirculated coin, the last and largest of the 2011 Gold Sovereign collection. Struck in 22 carat gold it is now available! more ]

Royal Mint Reveals New Coin for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

For Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the Royal Mint has unveiled the only official UK GBP 5 coin struck to mark the historic occasion, featuring two new and exclusive portraits of the monarch... more ]

The Royal Mint confirms Royal proclamation for United Kingdom kilo coins

Following the Coinage Act 2011 the Royal Mint has started to mint the London 2012 Gold and Silver Kilo Coins in November... more ]

New Limited Edition UK Proofs Sets Announced

The Royal Mint has revealed its new 2012 Premium and Collector Proof Sets. Besides the full range of UK circulating coins in proof quality it contains also two commemorative coins. One of them is dedicated to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the other to the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. more ]

Britannia Silver Bullion Coin Revealed

The Royal Mint has revived the iconic depiction of the goddess to mark the 25th anniversary of Britannia bullion coins. The new bullion coin for 2012 will be available from 1st November 2011. more ]

Roman coin project at the Museum of London

The Museum of London is currently working on an ambitious funded project to deliver over 90,000 of its objects online over the next two years, showcasing its diverse collection and opening it up to a worldwide audience. Part of it will be the Roman numismatic collection of 4000 coins. more ]

Titanic Anniversary Marked By Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is commemorating the 100th anniversary of RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage with the release of a GBP 5 coin, available in both Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated quality. more ]

Royal Mint launches final Countdown to London 2012 coin

With just months to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Royal Mint has launched the fourth and final UK £5 coin in the Countdown to London 2012 Series in silver Proof, silver Piedfort and gold Proof. more ]

East India Company to mint again legal tender

The new East India Company, a luxury brand, has announced the issue of legal tender in a centenary tradition. Two Mohur and two Cash coins will be minted by the Royal Mint. more ]

New British coins cause headache to vending industry

The vending machine industry has faced many problems with the introduction of new coins in Great Britain. Coin operated machines had to be exchanged but particularly less well off and rural areas are hit in lack of new machines. more ]

Britannia 25th Anniversary sets revealed

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Britannia commemorative coin, The Royal Mint will reprise Philip Nathan’s original 1987 depiction of the British icon on the Gold and Silver Proof coins for 2012. Two very special sets will round up the releases... more ]

Coin counterfeiting factory in London detected

Recently the increasing number of counterfeit £1 coins in the UK received media interest. Now police crushed a whole workshop in a London office block – and even £2 coins were produced there. Until then these coins had been considered to be more difficult to fake. more ]

Royal Mint commemorates The Queen’s Jubilee with 5oz coins

To celebrate the momentous occasion of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Royal Mint has revealed Proof quality UK five-ounce coins in gold and silver, and two majestic gold and silver one kilo coins. more ]

Olympic Medals contain less gold than once

Olympic medals use a lot of metal but these days the gold medal is mostly silver. The last time the Olympic Games handed out solid gold medals was a hundred years ago at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Here you will find some interesting trivia about Olympic gold! more ]

Royal Mint launches coin to mark closing ceremony of London 2012

With just 12 days until the start of London 2012, on July 16, 2012 The Royal Mint has unveiled the London 2012 Handover to Rio UK £2 Coin; the final coin in The Royal Mint’s London 2012 Coin programme. more ]

Royal Mint unveils “Masterpiece 2012”

The Royal Mint has unveiled the Masterpiece for 2012; the third in a series of medallions which aims to showcase the skill and craftsmanship of The Royal Mint engraver. This year’s medal is inspired by the legend of King Arthur and has been designed by Lee Robert Jones. more ]

The Royal Mint commemorates Remembrance Day with a new £5 coin

The Royal Mint has revealed a new Remembrance Day £5 coin to commemorate the war heroes who have died in conflict and to acknowledge the on-going bravery of the British Armed Forces. more ]

British Royal Mint Introduces The 2013 Bullion Products

On November 1, 2012 The Royal Mint has revealed its 2013 UK Bullion Range for the investment market, including the Gold Sovereign and the new specification Silver Britannia and Gold Britannia. more ]

2013 Gold Proof Sovereign revealed

In celebration of 60 years of Her Majesty the Queen’s coinage, The Royal Mint has unveiled the 2013 Sovereign Collection. The definitive St George and the dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci graces the coin once more, just as it did on the first Sovereigns of the Queen’s reign 60 years ago. more ]

Royal Mint launched new secure vault facility for bullion market

The Royal Mint has announced the launch of its secure facility. Customers who purchase gold bullion coins from The Royal Mint can now store them in The Royal Mint Vault which is guarded 24/7, 365 days a year by the Ministry of Defence at the highly secure site. more ]

150th anniversary of the London Tube

2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the London Underground and to celebrate, The Royal Mint has struck two £2 coins designed by internationally acclaimed designers. more ]

Royal Mint expands into Indian market with first Indian sovereigns since 1918

A new partnership has started between The Royal Mint and MMTC-PAMP India to strike The Royal Mint’s gold Sovereign commemorative coins in India for the first time in nearly a century. more ]

Coin on Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria

Isle of Man issues a one crown coin dedicated to the only monarchs in British history who have ever celebrated a Diamond Jubilee: Queen Victoria and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. since this year marks an anniversary of both Coronations. more ]

Pobjoy Mint presents new blue titanium coin featuring blue whale

British Pobjoy Mint announces the release of an amazing new blue titanium coin on behalf of the Government of South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands which celebrates the largest known animal ever to exist – the Blue Whale. more ]

Thirty years £1 coin

It’s thirty years since The Royal Mint commenced production of the £1 coin, during which that reassuringly chunky piece of our British currency has witnessed many changes to our country, our environment and our lifestyle. more ]

Winston Churchill to appear on new Bank of England banknote

The Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King, announced on April 26 that Sir Winston Churchill will appear on the next Bank of England banknote. more ]

Siberian Cat coin continues Isle of Man series

Having celebrated its 25th Anniversary last year, the Isle of Man Cat series of coins continues this year with the issue of another superb coin, this time featuring the Siberian Cat. more ]

Queen Elizabeth Land Coin

The Pobjoy Mint announces that a new legal tender commemorative coin is to be issued by The British Antarctic Territory to celebrate the naming of part of the Territory ‘Queen Elizabeth Land’ as a mark of respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. more ]

Coin celebrating the great Pyramids at Giza

Egypt’s Great Pyramids are one of the world’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights and an amazing and technically unique coin issue on behalf of the British Virgin Islands brings these amazing structures to life. more ]

Royal Mint to gift silver pennies to babies sharing the royal baby’s birthday

The UK is expecting the birth of a royal baby, the child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by mid-July. The Royal Mint has now revealed to be producing 2,013 silver pennies to give to parents of babies who will be born the same day in the UK. more ]

The Royal Mint’s penny Gromit sculpture looks a million dollars!

The Royal Mint has personalised a giant fibre-glass model of one of the world’s best-loved canine cartoon characters, Gromit, with thousands of shiny new pennies. The sculpture will be auctioned off in October to raise funds for the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity. more ]

Royal Mint launches Royal Birth baby gift collection

On occasion of the birth of the royal baby the Royal Mint issues a range of coins including a number of silver coins, in keeping with the tradition of giving new babies a silver gift to wish them health, wealth and happiness for the start of their journey through life. more ]

Jane Austen to feature on Bank of England banknotes

The Bank of England confirmed that Jane Austen will figure on a new £10 note. When the Bank had decided to substitute the current £5 note with Elizabeth Fry by a new Winston Churchill motif concerns were expressed about no woman figuring on a note any more. more ]

130th Anniversary of the Orient Express

Pobjoy Mint releases a new collector coin in cupro nickel and sterling silver on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. The coin celebrates the 130th Anniversary of the Orient Express, the famous train that used to connect Paris and Istanbul. more ]

Memorial medal issued for founder of self-proclaimed Principality of Sealand

Have you ever heard of the micro-nation Principality of Sealand? Located 6 miles off the southeast coast of the UK in the North Sea, the self-proclaimed principality on a disused platform now commemorates its recently deceased founder with a medal. more ]

Pobjoy Mint issues coins in honour of Margaret Thatcher

On 8th April 2013, former British Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher passed away at the age of 87. To commemorate the life of this remarkable woman, Pobjoy Mint is releasing two coins, one on behalf of Ascension Island and the other on behalf of the Falkland Islands. more ]

Royal Mint issues historical Ironside design remembering Britain's Decimalisation

In 1971 the decimal currency system was introduced in Great Britain and at the same time came new coins. After nearly forty-five years, The Royal Mint has revived a Royal Arms design by Christopher Ironside which was not used at the epoch in favour of Britannia. Find here the historical background. more ]

The Royal Mint's Benjamin Britten 50p strikes a musical note

The Royal Mint revealed the design for the 50p coin commissioned to mark the centenary of the birth of Benjamin Britten, one of the great British cultural figures of the 20th century, which falls on 22 November 2013. more ]

Widespread ignorance of Britons regarding their coins

As The Royal Mint launches its new Collector Albums, research from the organisation shows that many Britons lack fundamental awareness of their coins. Over 10 millions had no idea that Queen Elizabeth II appears on every current British circulating coin. more ]

Royal Mint strikes silver coins from seventy year-old sunken bullion

In 1940 a vessel transporting silver bullion for the Bank of England sunk after being torpedoed by a German submarine. In 2011 the shipwreck was located and the bullion recovered. Now The Royal Mint issues bullion coins from this seventy year old silver. more ]

Royal Mint struck coins for Prince George of Cambridge

The only official United Kingdom coins being struck to commemorate the christening of HRH Prince George of Cambridge have gone into production on October 8, 2013 at The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales. more ]

The Royal Mint launches first-ever UK Lunar Coins

The Royal Mint announced having created the first-ever United Kingdom legal tender Lunar coins, lending a uniquely British angle to an ancient Chinese tradition. They will be available in various denominations and also as bullion coins. more ]

Bank of England puts banknote candidates to the acid test

British newspaper Daily Mail has received documents of the Bank of England showing how the bank checked the candidates for new banknotes. With Austen they feared ‘issues’ with her private life, Churchill was thought to possibly offend the Germans. more ]

Marking 100 years since sovereign coins boosted Britain’s war effort

The Royal Mint has released The Sovereign 2014 Collection marking 100 years since this iconic coin played a major part in Britain’s war effort. The sovereign stopped to be a circulation coin in 1917 but has become afterwards a desired collectors and investment coin. more ]

The Royal Mint reveals coin designs for 2014

The Royal Mint has revealed its coin designs for 2014, and featuring themes as diverse as sport, maritime heritage, royal history, and the start of a major military story, it is likely to be another landmark year for this 1,000 year-old organisation in its celebration of British heritage. more ]

New Bank of England banknotes to be printed on polymer

The Bank of England has announced that the next £5 and £10 banknotes will be printed on polymer, a thin flexible plastic film, rather than on the cotton paper used for notes currently in issue. more ]

Coins as gifts: New products from Britain’s Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has revealed its 2014 gift range for those wishing to find a traditional and meaningful present to celebrate weddings, baby births and christenings this year. more ]

Trial of the Pyx: Putting the Pyx on trial

Every year, since 1282, the United Kingdom tests if their current circulation coins conform to the legal standards. Dan Oliver explains how this traditional ceremony, which has just taken place, proceeds. more ]

Bank of England withdraws Houblon 50 pound banknote

The Bank of England will withdraw the 50 pound banknote with the portrait of Sir John Houblon from circulation on 30 April. From that time, only the 50 pound note featuring Matthew Boulton and James Watt will hold legal tender status. more ]

Scottish Independence and the Currency

On September 18, 2014 Scotland is to vote whether it will become independent from the United Kingdom or not. In case of ‘yes’ many questions are still open – one of them is what currency the new country will use. Professor Nick Mayhew, director of the Winton Institute for Monetary History, outlines this tricky problem. more ]

Portrait of Britain – Royal Mint celebrates Britain’s best-loved landmarks

The Royal Mint celebrates four world-renowned British landmarks on four eye-catching, crown-sized, silver 5 GBP coins. The intricate details of each design have been highlighted with The Royal Mint’s premier Proof finish, whilst trichromatic colour-printing gives the coin designs an impressionist quality. more ]

A Short History of England

In this series we will present you some figures of the English history by their coinage. The journey starts with the Vikings and goes until today. more ]

Royal Mint introduces 2014 Britannia Proof Range

The changing face of Britain as personified by the figure of Britannia is captured once again on The Royal Mint’s Britannia Gold and Silver Proof Collection, which for 2014 includes the smallest coin to be minted since the forming of the United Kingdom more than 300 years ago. more ]

Royal Mint Launches Online Bullion Trading Service

The Royal Mint has launched a new bullion trading website, enabling customers to buy, store and sell bullion coins directly from The Royal Mint quickly, effortlessly and securely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. more ]

Royal Mint reveals plans for new portrait of The Queen

The Royal Mint has confirmed that it will be 'all change' for UK coinage in 2015 when the definitive portrait of Her Majesty The Queen is to be updated for the first time since 1998 when Ian Rank-Broadley created the forth portrait of Her Majesty. more ]

Vending machine industry will pay dearly for new British coin

It was announced as the world’s most secure coin, Great Britain’s forthcoming £1 coin. But even with this coin it is not just sunshine and roses: the industry will face enormous costs modifying over half a million vending machines in order to adjust them to the hightech coin. more ]

2014 Northern Ireland £1 Floral coin released by Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has released precious metal £1 coins bearing the flora of Northern Ireland, in a continuation of its popular series celebrating the United Kingdom’s best-loved botanical icons. more ]

50th Edition of Spink‘s Standard Catalogue “Coins of England”

It is an institution, perhaps comparable with the Jaeger in Germany: Spink’s Standard Catalogue on the English coinage. Ursula Kampmann writes the anniversary review. more ]

The Royal Mint commemorates artist of first Queen’s portrait

The Royal Mint has revealed when the fifth coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen will be unveiled to the world. It will be March 2. The news was announced to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Mary Gillick - the first artist to capture The Queen’s portrait for her nation’s coins. more ]

Lord Mayor of London strikes Royal Mint Sovereign on first official visit to India

The Lord Mayor of the City of London has struck a special commemorative gold Sovereign during a visit to The Royal Mint’s operations in India. more ]

Bank of England issues Cleland signature notes

With effect from 3 March 2015, the Bank of England is issuing into circulation £10, £20 and £50 notes bearing the signature of the current Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland. more ]

Royal Mint celebrates ‘Greatest Briton of all time’ on new £20 coin

The theme of the third United Kingdom £20 coin is the great British statesman Sir Winston Churchill. The reverse design of the Winston Churchill coin is by figurative sculptor Etienne Millner. more ]

The Royal Mint reveals Queen’s fifth coin portrait

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new coinage portrait of The Queen. It was designed by Jody Clark and is only the fifth definitive portrait of The Queen to appear on circulating coins since her accession to the throne in 1952. more ]

United Kingdom’s smallest and largest coins go on trial

Both the smallest and the largest UK coins ever minted at The Royal Mint are among 70,000 coins on trial at the Trial of the Pyx. The smallest coin weighs just one fortieth-ounce and measures a delicate 8mm wide, the largest coin has one Kilo and is 100mm wide. more ]

Britannia is back

The iconic figure of Britannia will return to be on the United Kingdom’s circulating coins this year alongside the new coinage portrait of The Queen. Britannia will appear on £2 coins in a new design as well, created by the artist Antony Dufort. more ]

Launch of public nominations period for Great Britain’s next £20 banknote

The Governor of the Bank of England announced that the next £20 note will celebrate Britain’s achievements in the visual arts and he launched a public nomination period to seek people’s views as to who should be recognised on the next £20 note. more ]

Design of the brand new £1 coin unveiled

The winner of a public competition to design the “tails” side of the new £1 coin was unveiled by the Chancellor: It is David Pearce, age 15. His design takes in four well known symbols of the UK with a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock emerging from a Royal Coronet. more ]

The Royal Mint: first RMR minted bars seen since 1968

The Royal Mint is to bring about the return of a world-renowned bullion brand after an absence of 47 years, expanding its bullion range to offer gold and silver minted bars bearing the historic marque of The Royal Mint Refinery: RMR. more ]

175th Anniversary of Penny Black Stamp commemorated on New Coin

Pobjoy Mint releases a new commemorative coin which is issued on behalf of the Isle of Man Government to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black Stamp. more ]

Official United Kingdom Coin for the Birth of Kate and Prince William’s Daughter

The Royal Mint has revealed the design of the only official United Kingdom £5 coin to be struck to commemorate the safe arrival of a new baby sister to Prince George of Cambridge. The coin was designed by John Bergdahl. more ]

How St. George got on the Gold Sovereign Coin

The dramatic depiction of St George conquering the dragon is an image that has long been associated with The Sovereign - but how did England’s Patron Saint come to span 198 years on The Royal Mint’s flagship gold coin? more ]

Royal Mint issues precious metal variants of the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Coin

Following the issue of the £2 coin to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, the Royal Mint is to strike precious metal variants of this coin. more ]

The Royal Mint commemorates 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt

The Royal Mint is to strike coins commemorating the 600th anniversary of The Battle of Agincourt, regarded as one of history’s greatest military victories for England’s King Henry V. The limited edition £5 coins will be struck in Silver Proof and Gold Proof for Alderney. more ]

Royal Mint’s 2015 Britannia bullion range now complete

With the release of gold fractional coins, the Royal Mint has completed its Britannia bullion range for 2015. The coins come in gold and silver, in various denominations. more ]

COIN YEARBOOK 2016 released

Covering all British coins from the first Celtic issues to present-day currency, the latest volume of the best-selling coin price guide in the United Kingdom, the COIN YEARBOOK 2016, has been released. more ]

Teaching history through games

The Bodleian Libraries has recently acquired a major collection of board games and pastimes dating from 1800 to the year 2000 and is showcasing a selection of them in a new display exploring how games have been used to teach history. more ]

Royal Mint reveals coin designs for 2016

The Royal Mint has released its Annual Sets for 2016, revealing some exciting new designs for United Kingdom coins. The Great Fire of London, Shakespeare and the Battle of Hastings will be among the topics of upcoming commemorative coins. more ]

Commemorative coins to Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday

As the British nation prepares to celebrate another landmark for the royal family, The Royal Mint has struck a new, special edition £5 coin to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday. Other denominations are also available. more ]

Royal Mint introduces new gold and silver bullion coins

The Royal Mint has expanded its world-respected bullion portfolio with the addition of gold and silver coins celebrating The Queen’s Beasts, ten creatures that have featured throughout hundreds of years of British royal heraldry starting with the gallant Lion of England. more ]

Spink revises catalog of English silver coinage

Every catalog must be updated eventually. By means of the standard reference on English silver coinage, Maurice Bull illustrated how this can be accomplished in an exemplary manner. Björn Schöpe has taken a look at the revised edition. more ]

Royal Mint strikes The Battle of the Somme Silver £5 Coin

One hundred years on from The Battle of the Somme, The Royal Mint is to commemorate the anniversary with the creation of a £5 silver proof commemorative coin depicting poignant scenes from the terrible event. more ]

Royal Mint issues precious metal editions of ‘The Great Fire of London’

As Britain builds towards the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, The Royal Mint has struck precious metal variants of the £2 coin that marks the occasion, following on from the earlier issue of the Brilliant Uncirculated coin. more ]

The Royal Mint marks 50 years since England’s World Cup victory

Commemorating England’s victory in the 1966 FIFA World Cup, The Royal Mint releases a 2016 Alderney £5 Coin, struck by Stephanie Moore MBE. A donation from each coin purchased will be made to the Bobby Moore Fund. more ]

Royal Mint celebrates William Shakespeare

The Royal Mint has struck a commemorative £50 silver proof coin to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The coin is the grand finale in its 2016 circulating and commemorative coin series celebrating the works of the playwright. more ]

The Coin Yearbook 2017

The latest volume of the Coin Yearbook has been released. It is a price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin hobby, with features which include accurate up-to-date valuations for all English, Scottish, Irish and Island (Channel & Isle of Man) coins. more ]

In money we trust

It is fascinating to see circulation currency getting a design makeover. However, the general public, even though it is the intended user, is normally not taking part in the decision-making process. Yet positive examples show that there is another way. more ]

Royal Mint commemorates 950th anniversary of Battle of Hastings

On 14 October 2016 Britain will remember the 950th anniversary of The Battle of Hastings. In recognition of this significant moment in British history, The Royal Mint has struck precious metal variants of the BU 50p coin that marks the occasion. more ]

Coin makeover: a venerable tradition...

Utilizing a sovereign coin to express one’s not so sovereign opinion is a venerable tradition. Reinterpreting coin motifs by engraving can be highly creative. This is how Shaun Hughes creates modern art. more ]

How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World

In “Central Banks and Gold”, Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler explore how today’s financialized form of globalism took shape a century ago, when Tokyo joined London and New York as a major financial center. more ]

The rise and fall of a private mint: the Birmingham Mint

It is not a law of nature that the production of coins must be in the hands of the state. The private Birmingham Mint was the world’s leading supplier of small change in the 19th cent. It went bankrupt, when, in 2001, the Royal Mint cancelled a secret contract. more ]

British Pobjoy Mint releases 2017 Titanium Blue Whale

On behalf of the South Georgia and The Sandwich Islands Government, Pobjoy Mint releases the 2017 issue of the Blue Whale made of blue titanium and featuring a new effigy design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. more ]

The Royal Mint and WPIC partner on new platinum investment products

The Royal Mint and the World Platinum Investment Council announced to partner on a new range of platinum investment products. Marking the Mint’s first bullion platinum offering, the partnership aims to stimulate investor demand for physical platinum worldwide. more ]

How Great Britain has been prepared for the new 1 Pound-Coin

Great Britain has introduced the new £1 coin in March 2017. This brings a lot of changes. The Mint News Quarterly has published an interview about the enormous task of preparing all businesses to get ready for the conversion, which we republish here. more ]

Royal Mint reveals designs for new coins

The Royal Mint presents all planned coins and coin designs of 2017. The headliner for 2017 is the new bi-metal 12-sided £1 coin but it is sided by other interesting coin motifs. more ]

British coins honor Royal Platinum Wedding Anniversary

On the occasion of the 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, Pobjoy Mint releases a series of commemorative coins. On behalf of various issuing countries, the editions feature some of the most memorable moments of the Royal Couple. more ]

Royal Mint bullion achieves Shari’ah Standard on Gold compliance

The Royal Mint becomes the world’s first mint to achieve compliance with the Shari’ah Standard on Gold for its bullion products. Royal Mint bullion will thus become accessible to a wide variety of investors when Islamic investment is rapidly growing worldwide. more ]

Pobjoy Mint releases coin with ice shelf hologram

To highlight the issue of global warming on the Antarctic, British Pobjoy Mint produces a coin that reveals a hologram effect within an image of the Larsen B Ice Shelf. Tying together the whole theme, the coin’s rim has been designed with a cracked ice effect. more ]

COIN YEARBOOK app 2017 available

The first ever price guide to British coins in app form has now been released by TokenPublishing. Available on IOS and Android, the two editions address both the discerning collector and the specialized numismatist. more ]

The Royal Mint celebrates the life of Jane Austen with UK £2 coin

The Royal Mint celebrates the life of famous author Jane Austen on commemorative £2 coins. They were released at key Jane Austen locations on July 18, 2017, the anniversary of her death. more ]

British six-coin set on First World War

The Royal Mint continues to tell the First World War story through a new 6-coin set. One of the coins features Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse, the only person to be awarded the Victoria Cross twice during the First World War. more ]

The scent of money

You don’t have to be stinking rich to smell like money. The introduction of the new British 10-pound note prompted perfumer Roja Dove to capture the scent of used bills. His creation was exclusively sold at auction. more ]

The Royal Mint marks 375th birthday of mint master Sir Isaac Newton

The Royal Mint is celebrating the achievements of Sir Isaac Newton and its unique relationship with the great man and master of the Mint, with the release of a range of commemorative 50p coins, 375 years after he was born. more ]

Pobjoy Mint releases coloured titanium coin featuring Patagonian Toothfish

On behalf of the Falkland Islands, Pobjoy Mint is releasing a new coloured titanium coin featuring the Patagonian Toothfish in an Eddy of Water, in recognition of 30 years of work conducted by Falkland Islands Fisheries Department to help maintain fish populations. more ]

Revised Edition of Marsh’s Works on Sovereigns Released

Coinciding with the 200th Anniversary of the modern sovereign, Token Publishing releases Michael Marsh’s renowned works on the Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign. The completely revised and updated publication now includes an up-to-date price guide. more ]

Pobjoy Mint Coin Commemorates Princess Diana’s Death

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana, Pobjoy Mint introduces a new coin on behalf of Ascension Island equipped with a mother of pearl inlay. more ]

Nazi symbols defacing British coins

Why does a 2007 UK 50p coin feature a Nazi eagle and a swastika? In England, intentional countermarks of this kind currently cause a stir. In the history of numismatics, though, this phenomenon is anything but new. more ]

Exhibition on medallic artist Mary Gillick

The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds presents “Mary Gillick: Her Art in your Pocket”. This is the first display dedicated to her sculpture, and presents her working processes for the production of coins and medals. Mary Gillick is famous for her coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. more ]

The Unicorn of Scotland rears its head on Royal Mint Bullion coins

The latest release in The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts Series is the Unicorn of Scotland. Inspired by ancient symbols of power and identity, the collection brings to life the ten imposing statues that lined the entrance to Westminster Abbey in 1953 at Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation. more ]

Royal Mint celebrates Royal Platinum Wedding

Marking 70 years of marriage of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Royal Mint releases a range of Platinum Wedding coins. Featuring the combined portraits, these issues commemorate the longest royal marriage in British history. more ]

Royal Mint launches 2017 Christmas coins

Celebrating Yuletide tradition, The Royal Mint has released three special coins for Christmas 2017, for keeping or stirring into the Christmas pudding. And in an exclusively designed set comes a gold coin featuring Peter Rabbit, accompanied by a book. more ]

The Royal Mint issues its 2017 Remembrance Day coin

The renowned poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ served as the foundation of this year’s Remembrance Day coin of The Royal Mint. A poignant synonym of remembrance, the poppy constitutes its focal point, accompanied by an inscription that ties in a notion of silence. more ]

Exhibition illuminates Bank of England in literature

To mark the launch of the new Jane Austen £10 note, the Bank of England museum presents “Stories from the City: The Bank of England in Literature”. Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot and others figure prominently in this special exhibition that will run throughout 2018. more ]

The Royal Mint launches The Sovereign 2018

Marking the 65th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation, The Royal Mint presents The Sovereign for 2018. Its design is modelled on Royal Mint Chief Medallist Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic interpretation of St George and the dragon. more ]

The Royal Mint adds platinum and silver to Signature(TM) range

The Royal Mint expands its Signature(TM) bullion range to also include platinum and silver. Investment opportunities start at just £20. This is due to research resulting in the statement that 60% of Brits believe they don’t have enough money to consider investing. more ]

Inaugural Exhibit of Tyrant Collection Long Beach Expo

Labeled “The Tyrants of the Thames,” the inaugural exhibition in a planned multi-year series of displays from the collection will showcase more than 500 superbly preserved examples of portrait coins of English and British rulers minted over the last 1,400 years. more ]

The Royal Mint unveils 2018 coin designs

Every year, The Royal Mint’s Annual Coin Sets present a minted snapshot of the UK’s most memorable moments. Among the 2018 themes just revealed are the birthday of Prince George of Cambridge, the jubilees of the Royal Air Force and Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. more ]

Royal Mint Bullion offers the first Britannia Platinum Bullion coins

Britannia, personification of the British nation, and Queen Elizabeth II are displayed on the first platinum bullion coins which were produced for the first time at the Royal Mint. more ]

Fish & Chips on a Coin: The Royal Mint Breaks Fresh Ground

The Royal Mint issues the very first coin series dedicated consequently to popular icons which are connected with a letter of the alphabet. You will find James Bond as well as a tea pot, English breakfast, the double decker bus or queuing. Which is your favourite topic? We show all 26! more ]

Pobjoy Mint coins feature Manta Rays

One of the latest releases of Pobjoy Mint pays tribute to a giant yet harmless creature of the sea. Available in Titanium and Cupro Nickel, the £2 coin renders a depiction of the impressive Manta Ray, an animal that is now considered vulnerable due to overfishing. more ]

The Royal Mint’s Beatrix Potter bunny coin will return in 2018

Four of Beatrix Potter’s famous cartoon characters will be shown on a series of new coins minted by the Royal Mint. The coloured Silver Proof 50p coins will feature the likenesses of Peter Rabbit, Flopsy Bunny, Mrs Tittlemouse and a mouse from ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’. more ]

Gold as a safe haven?

Ask your investment consultant. He will tell you that gold has been a safe haven since the creation of the world. And when he tells you so, he has forgotten that the American ban of gold ownership was lifted as late as December 31, 1974. more ]

Royal Mint celebrating the wedding of Prince Henry

To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Royal Mint released a commemorative coin. more ]

New book on English Silver Crowns

In his new book author Michael Day discusses the history of the English Silver Crowns, starting from the first in 1551, until the present day. more ]

The Royal Mint commemorates the First World War

In association with Imperial War Museums, the Royal Mint has created a 6-coin set in commemoration of WWI. The gold and silver coins honor some of the British heroes of the time like Lawrence of Arabia, women in the workforce and the Royal Air Force. more ]

Leopard Seal Appears on new Ice Grey Titanium Coin by Pobjoy

British Pobjoy Mint continues the popular Titanium animal series of coins. The most recent version depicts the Leopard Seal – one of the world’s top predators. more ]

2GBP Coin to Mark the 250th Anniversary of Cook’s Voyage of Discovery

The Royal Mint has embarked upon a new three-year series to mark the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s epic Voyage of Discovery aboard HM Bark Endeavour. The commemorative coins are available in a range of finishes. more ]

UK and France Consider Withdrawal of Low-Denomination Coins

Bank of England employees have published a comment on the feared ramifications of abolishing coppery coins of low value. Discussions about such a course of action have not only been rekindled in the UK, however. France is allegedly considering doing the same. more ]

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