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Between Germany and France: The Duchy of Lorraine

On 16 May 2017, one of the most significant collections of Lorraine that has come on the market during the last decades will be put to auction at the Heidelberger Münzhandlung. We will tell you the story of this duchy on the basis of a few of the collection’s rarities. more ]

Sport series 2011: Winter Games – Figure Skating

The French Monnaie de Paris issues a gold and a silver coin dedicated to figure skating... more ]

French Coin honors the Palace of Versailles

Launched in 2007 with the Great Wall of China, the UNESCO World Heritage Site series is an opportunity for Monnaie de Paris to travel around the world. This year’s issue is dedicated to Versailles... more ]

A New “different” form Monnaie de Paris’ engraving workshop

“Differents” are the distinctive punches, which are used to identify French coins minted by Monnaie de Paris. Since1st January 2011 a new “different” has appeared on all coins minted by the Monnaie de Paris... more ]

The „Tragics“ Open New Series on French Literature

The Monnaie de Paris presents the most illustrious characters from French literature. The 2011 issues are dedicated to the “Tragics”, opening with Cosette of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables... more ]

The Invalides and the Grand Palais on new French Coins

Since 2007, Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to UNESCO world heritage cultural property sites in a collector coin series. 2015 the new coins in this series will be dedicated to two famous monuments in Paris: the Hôtel des Invalides and the Grand Palais. more ]

Monnaie de Paris celebrates 70 years of Peace in Europe

With the new series “Europa 2015” the Monnaie de Paris celebrates the accomplishments of the European integration. The coin’s obverse shows the figure of Europa as a woman with star-studded hair floating in the wind, on the reverse is depicted a dove as a peace symbol. more ]

Astérix embodies the Values of the French Republic

On March 30, 2015 the Monnaie de Paris will issue a new coin in the Values of the Republic series. After Sempé in 2014, the duo formed by Uderzo-Goscinny will illustrate the values with a famous comic-strip hero: Astérix. more ]

Monnaie de Paris fights alteration of French Euro coins

Apparently alteration of French Euro coins has taken on a dramatic scale forcing the Mint to take drastic steps against this infriction of law. In an open letter the chairman and CEO of Monnaie de Paris explains the situation and what expects those who modify Euro coins for selling them on. more ]

An oval and dome shaped coin for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

On 29th of June Monnaie de Paris issued collector coins on the 2015 Rugby World Cup which will take place in England from 18th September to 31st October. The 10 euro silver coin will be oval like a rugby and dome shaped. more ]

“What is essential is invisible to the eyes”: The Little Prince on French Coins

Monnaie de Paris has issued a new series with gold and silver coins for one of the most famous French comics in the world: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The reverse of all coins carries the Little Prince’s profile with a graphical and modern look. more ]

New Addition to Monnaie de Paris Series “Great French Ships”

The Monnaie de Paris continued its popular series “Great French Ships”. The latest addition depicts the cruiser Le Colbert. more ]

Monnaie de Paris 7 Arts series features Le Corbusier

The 7 Arts series of the Monnaie de Paris has reached Year 3: the newly released issue is devoted to the famous architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier. more ]

France celebrates UEFA 2016 on new coins

UEFA 2016 will be hosted by France. In order to celebrate this important sport event France will issue 2 euro commemorative coins and collector coins on 8 February 2016. more ]

Monnaie de Paris launches 2nd wave of Astérix Series

Symbols of France and of the French, Astérix and Obélix embody with simplicity, humor and pride the republican values. In the series devoted to these two national heroes, Monnaie de Paris launches the second wave. more ]

France celebrates UEFA Championship 2016 on coins

Organised every 4 years since 1960, the male European football UEFA championship, called “EURO”, will take place in France from 10th June to 10th July 2016. On this occasion France issues a series of coins. Special feature is a ball insert. more ]

France celebrates ‘Women of France’

In 2016, Monnaie de Paris launches a new series dedicated to women who have had an influence on various areas in French History. This series uses the same historical strike as the ‘From Clovis to the Republic’ series but goes even further. more ]

France presents ‘Mickey Through the Ages’

Monnaie de Paris issues a series of coin in their ‘Youth Series’ featuring ‘Mickey Through the Ages’. One of Walt Disney’s most popular creatures is represented on coins of various denominations in silver and gold. more ]

CGB offers “Le Franc Poche”

In 2016, the French coin guide book “Le Franc” celebrated its 20th anniversary. CGB is offering a new updated version that’s both handy and accessible to a broader audience, titled “Le Franc Poche”. more ]

France commemorates actor Jean Gabin in ‘7 Arts Series’

In 2016 France issues the 4th coin of its ‘7 Arts Series’ dedicated to the famous actor Jean Gabin who died 40 years ago. The series is designed by Christian Lacroix. more ]

French coins honor Scrooge McDuck & Co.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the broadcast of the Walt Disney series DuckTales and the 70th birthday of Scrooge McDuck, Monnaie de Paries issues a series that celebrates the emblematic DuckTales characters. more ]

First Fairmined-certified issue at Paris

Monnaie de Paris has struck its first issue certified according to the Fairmined standard. The gold for the 50-euro collector coin commemorating the end of WWI 100 years ago comes from mining companies that provide securer and healthier working standards. more ]

Mini-medal: France FIFA World Champions

France won the FIFA World Cup title for the second time after 1998. Monnaie de Paris issues a mini medal in nordic gold on that occasion. more ]

France Honors Simone Veil with Commemorative Coin

France has issued a new 2 euro commemorative coin in proof version dedicated to lawyer and politician Simone Veil. Veil became known, among other things, for pushing forward the law to legalize abortion in 1975. more ]

UK and France Consider Withdrawal of Low-Denomination Coins

Bank of England employees have published a comment on the feared ramifications of abolishing coppery coins of low value. Discussions about such a course of action have not only been rekindled in the UK, however. France is allegedly considering doing the same. more ]

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