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A numismatic relic of the Miracle of Bern

On November 22, 2011, the auction house Rapp in Wil will auction off a numismatic relic of one remarkable event in the history of sports. On July 4, 1954 Lászlo Budai and the legendary “Mighty Magyars” won “only” silver... more ]

Estonian euro coin production started at Mint of Finland

Production of Estonian euro coins has started at Mint of Finland. Find here pictures of the Estonian Euro, to which the country will switch at the beginning of 2011... more ]

The Children and Creativity Collector Coin for Child Creativity

The Children and creativity collector coin is the first Finnish coin to be selected by public vote. Visitors to the Mint of Finland website can vote for their favorite... more ]

Over the Horizon

For the first time, a Finnish collector coin’s theme was selected by public vote. Now the winning design was announced. more ]

First collector coin in honor of folk music

Finnish mint announces Konsta Jylhä collector coin at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival... more ]

Sculptor Reijo Paavilainen’s entrySculptor Reijo Paavilainen’s entry “Depicted in form” has won the design competition for the Kaj Franck and industrial art collector coin.

On the November 9th, 2011, one hundred years has passed since the birth of designer Kaj Franck. In celebration of this anniversary, a 10 euro silver collector coin will be issued in January 2011... more ]

Filigree coin has aroused interest

Mint of Finland issues a coin, which incorporates hand-crafted filigree on October 15th, 2010... more ]

New 5-Euro-Coin from the Mint of Finland Ltd

The coin is dedicated to the province of Satakunta and belongs to the Maakunta coins series depicting elements of remarkable Finnish traditions... more ]

Results of the Hella Wuolijoki collector coin design competition

The Hella Wuolijoki collector coin design competition has been won by the architect Petri Neuvonen with his design 'The roots of the tales'... more ]

The Swan flies for the 200 Years Bank of Finland coin

The Bank of Finland collector coin to be issued in May is an emblem of Finnish culture and patriotism... more ]

Finland’s greats start off the new season

The Mint of Finland honours the greatest Finns of their time: the designer Kaj Franck and the natural scientist Pehr Kalm. more ]

Finnish coin manufacturer strengthens its position in the world market

Mint of Finland Ltd buys German coin-blank manufacturer Saxonia EuroCoin GmbH... more ]

The Finnish Message to all Women: Women Deserve a Commemorative Coin of Their Own

Today, equality and Finnish women were given all due respect at the launch of the Hella Wuolijoki and Equality commemorative coin... more ]

New Finnish 2-Euro Collector Coin with Swan

The Bank of Finland issued a new 2-Euro commemorative coin on October 17, 2011. The coin displays a swan and celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Bank of Finland... more ]

Finland Celebrates a Sea That Has Many Faces

Voters from around the world have chosen the design for the new ethical commemorative coin the Mint of Finland is going to issue. For the second year in a row the design proposals have been put forward by high-school students... more ]

A collector coin to honour the skills of Fabergé’s Finnish goldsmith

In spring 2012, the Mint of Finland and the Ministry of Finance are planning to issue a collector coin commemorating the skills of Finnish master goldsmiths. The coin would feature two of the famous imperial Easter eggs of Fabergé’s linked to the name of the Finnish smith Henrik Wigström... more ]

Finland launches 10 euro coin at World Money Fair Berlin

The Mint of Finland and the Ministry of Finance are to issue a new 10 euro collector coin commemorating Henrik Wigström the Finnish workmaster of the famous Fabergé firm. The coin is to be launched at the World Money Fair in Berlin on 3 February 2012. more ]

Mint of Finland celebrates Helsinki being design capital

In 2012, the eyes of the design world will turn towards Finland and its World Design Capital, Helsinki. Mint of Finland ushers in 2012 by commemorating Finnish design and knowhow with a collector coin. more ]

Finland issues themed coin on Day of Equality

Mint of Finland and the Ministry of Finance have issued a coin to promote equality and tolerance on 19 March 2012, the Day of Equality. Finnish president Tarja Halonen is the patron of the collector coin. more ]

Finland has issued an ice hockey collector coin

Mint of Finland has published a collector coin in honour of the 2012 Ice Hockey World Championship. The 5 euro coin is available in proof quality and in UNC quality as well... more ]

Finnish Armi Ratia honoured with a collector coin

The Ministry of Finance has authorised Mint of Finland to release a 10 Euro collector coin on 4th of June to honour the founder of the textile company Marimekko. The collector coin ‘Armi Ratia and Industrial Art’ was designed by artist Kari Markkanen. more ]

Finish collector coin honours coin collectors

Mint of Finland has released a commemorative coin entitled ‘First Mark and Numismatics’ on 11 April. It is a homage to scholars and collectors of coins as well as commemorating the birth of Finland’s national currency. more ]

Finland's new «Animals of the Provinces» series

The provincial animals of Finland’s historic provinces are being honoured with their own collector coins. On 27 May, by authorisation of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland released the coins of Karelia and Savonia as the first in a series of nine collector coins. The nominal value of a collector coin is five euros. more ]

New Finnish coin on Literacy

Mint of Finland released a collector coin in honour of literacy. The Lukuinto theme year of diverse literacies will be celebrated in Finland in the 2014-2015 academic year. The Literacy collector coin is the sixth coin to be released in the Ethical collector coins series. more ]

Artist Tove Jansson featured on Finnish two-euro commemorative coin

The first two-euro commemorative coin of 2014 will pay tribute to author and artist Tove Jansson. The coin was released on 16 June. A total of 1.5 million commemorative Tove Jansson coins will be released into circulation. more ]

New coin in Finland’s “Animals of the provinces” series

On 18 August, Aland has received a collector coin paying tribute to its provincial animal. This provincial coin with a nominal value of five euros depicts the white-tailed eagle in its nest. The collector coin’s reverse bears the historic coat of arms of Aland. more ]

Final coin in popular Finnish Northern Nature series released

The popular and much admired Northern Nature coin series was concluded with the release of Waters on 2 July. Waters, the sixth and final commemorative coin in the series, tells a story about the diversity of northern bodies of water and their inhabitants. more ]

New coin in Finland’s “Animals of the provinces” series: Finland Proper

The collector coin of Finland Proper was released on 29 September as part of the coin series paying tribute to the emblematic animals of Finland’s provinces. The provincial coin, with a nominal value of five euros, depicts the fox with Turku Castle in the background. more ]

Finland honours Jean Sibelius with commemorative two-euro coin

The first two-euro commemorative coin of 2015 will pay tribute to master composer Jean Sibelius. The special coin will be launched by the Mint of Finland on 18 February with a total mintage of 1.0 million. more ]

A new collector coin for the Finnish “Sisu”

The Mint of Finland has released a new collector coin in tribute to “sisu”, the quality of extraordinary determination, often associated with the Finnish people. The Finnish sisu collector coins celebrate the Year of Sisu 2015 and were designed by Tapio Kettunen. more ]

Mint of Finland: Third provincial coin to be released for Uusimaa

The collector coin of Uusimaa will be released by the Mint of Finland as part of the coin series paying tribute to the emblematic animals of Finland's provinces. The obverse side of the coin depicts the hedgehog at the foot of tower blocks. more ]

Finland celebrates new boom sport basketball on coin

Finland’s new commemorative coin is dedicated to basketball. The coin is part of the coin series in tribute to the sports loved by Finnish people. more ]

Finland releases commemorative coin 70 Years of Peace

In 2015, 70 years have passed since the end of the Second World War. European mints are issuing collector coins related to the subject as part of the European Silver Star programme. Mint of Finland has now released its own contribution. more ]

Finland’s new ice hockey coin

Mint of Finland has issued the fifth coin of a sports series dedicated to ice hockey commemorating the world championship won by the Young Lions. The Mint presented Ice Hockey collector coins to the Young Lions players. more ]

Finland releases Alvar Aalto collector coin

Mint of Finland will release a silver collector coin dedicated to architect and designer Alvar Aalto on 16 May 2016. This coin is part of the Europa Star programme in which European countries release coins with the shared theme of Ages of Europe: Modern 20th Century. more ]

Finland launches Presidents series

On May 3, 2016, Mint of Finland has released the first issue of the Presidents of Finland 5 euro collector coin series. It pays tribute to the first Finish President, Kaarlo Juho Stahlberg. more ]

Mint of Finland has won a tendering process in Bolivia

Mint of Finland will start manufacturing circulation coins for the Central Bank of Bolivia from 2017 on. A two year agreement states the amount and denomination of circulation coins to be produced. more ]

Mint of Finland’s collector coin honors Finnish work

Featuring a fingerprint as basis of a tree, the latest collector coin of Mint of Finland is devoted to Finnish work. The 10- and 20-euro-coin revolve around Finnishness, the nature of work and its imprint on the world. more ]

Finland releases two-euro coin honoring Georg Henrik von Wright

Finland has released one million commemorative two-euro coins paying tribute to philosopher Georg Henrik von Wright. The year 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of von Wright. more ]

Commemorative coins devoted to independence and nature of Finland

In 2017, Finland will release a commemorative two-euro coin celebrating the country's centenary of independence. There is also a proposal to the Ministry of Finance for a commemorative coin paying tribute to Finnish nature, to be released in the autumn of 2017. more ]

Designers sought for Finland in 100 Years collector coin

The Collector Coin Committee of the centenary of Finland’s independence invites to an open, international design competition. To be released in 2018, the gold coin will be minted on the theme Finland in 100 Years. The deadline for submissions is June 2, 2017. more ]

Finland withdraws collector coins

After massive criticism on the internet, the initial coin of the 100 Years of Finnish Independence series has been withdrawn before being released. Designed by Ilka Suppanen, the 5-euro-collector coin features a firing squad. more ]

Danish coins minted first time outside Denmark

At Mint of Finland, the minting of Danish coins has begun. The issues to be produced include Danish 20 krone coins and silver collector coins in honor of the royal 50th wedding anniversary. more ]

Finland commemorates 100 years of independence

On June 1, 2017 2.5 million commemorative 2 Euro coins were released to commemorate 100 years of Finnish independence. more ]

Finland releases Finnish Nature commemorative coins

As part of the centenary celebrations of Finland’s independence, the Mint of Finland has released 10-euro- and 20-euro-coins paying tribute to the country’s nature. The design is based on Kari Auvinen’s winning shot in the Nature Photograph of the Year contest. more ]

Finland issues new 2-euro coin “Finnish Nature”

The second commemorative two-euro coin of Finland’s centenary was launched on 21 October 2017. The special coin pays tribute to Finland’s nature and is a part of the Finland 100 programme celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence. more ]

Finish coin honors Independence Day

To honor Finland’s 100th Independence Day on December 6, 2017, the Mint of Finland has released a silver commemorative coin. Suiting this nation-wide celebrated date, the coin features an extract of Finland’s declaration of independence in Finnish and Swedish. more ]

Finland dedicates two-euro commemorative coin to the Finnish sauna

Two distinctly Finnish elements are displayed on two of the state’s new commemorative coins that will be released in 2018: The Finnish National Landscape Koli and a tribute to the Finnish Sauna Culture. The first is to be released in spring, the second in autumn. more ]

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