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New Zealand Mint coin packs The Greatest™ punch

On behalf of Fiji the New Zealand Mint releases a collector silver coin dedicated to boxing legend Muhammad Ali in occasion of his 70th birthday. more ]

Fiji’s new design banknotes and coins officially unveiled

Fiji’s new flora and fauna design banknotes and coins were officially unveiled by the President of Fiji on December 12, 2012. The President also unveiled a new $2 coin to replace the $2 note and Fiji’s first polymer or plastic banknote. more ]

Pobjoy Mint showcases the Yellow Tree Frog on new Fiji coin

In the wild forests on the Fiji Islands, there lives a special species of frogs, the Yellow Tree Frog. On an all-new Yellow Titanium coin, the British Pobjoy Mint celebrates this tree dwelling creature in 2018. more ]

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