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New Faroese banknote series

Since 10 April 2012 an updated version of the Faroese banknote series with new security features is sold in the webshop of the Royal Danish Mint. The motifs are still the well known Faroese animals and Faroese landscapes. more ]

Danish coin on ferry Kong Frederik IX

On Tuesday 29 May 2012 Danmarks Nationalbank has issued a new 20-krone coin featuring the ferry Kong Frederik IX. This coin is the 11th coin in the series which has ships as the common motif. The motif on the coin is made by sculptor Elisabeth Toubro. more ]

New Coin and banknote Gallery in Danish Nationalbank

The Danish Nationalbank has inaugurated a new exhibition in its lobby presenting the Danish coinage since 1818. Additionally banknotes are shown too. more ]

Royal Danish Mint releases 2013 coin set for children

The Royal Danish Mint issues a coin set for children as gift to celebrate the birth of a baby or a christening in 2013. The coin set will have a design with sweet drawings of a family of trolls minting coins and comprises all Danish coins minted in 2013. more ]

Denmark’s 12th and final ship coin issued

On 11 December 2012, Denmark’s National bank has issued a new 20-krone coin featuring a fishing vessel. This is the 12th and final coin in the series with ships selected to cover as many aspects as possible of Danish maritime history. more ]

Denmark has issued a new series of scientific coins

To mark the centenary of the publication of Niels Bohr’s atomic theory, Denmark’s National bank has issued on 7 October a new series of coins with scientific theories developed by Danish scientists as their common theme. more ]

2013 Coin sets from Royal Danish Mint released

The new coin sets of the Royal Danish Mint are on sale since 28 November 2013. The coins are minted with several strokes and are thus more clearly embossed than the ordinary coins in circulation. The coin set is minted in a limited edition. more ]

Denmark has released Coin Set for Children 2014

The Royal Danish Mint has issued the new 2014 Coin Set for Children which is now available. The Coin Set has a new design with a sweet story about a teddy bear and his friends. more ]

The End of the Danish Mint

In 2016 the Royal Danish Mint was closed without any detailed public debate. This meant the end of a tradition dating back more than a millennium. Does the fate of the Danish Mint serve as an example for the fact that national mints have outlived their usefulness for cost reasons? more ]

Danish coins minted first time outside Denmark

At Mint of Finland, the minting of Danish coins has begun. The issues to be produced include Danish 20 krone coins and silver collector coins in honor of the royal 50th wedding anniversary. more ]

Denmark Releases Coin Set for Children 2017

Produced by the Mint of Finland, the popular Coin Set for Children of Denmark has a new representative. The 2017 issue with all of Denmark’s denominations again unfolds like a picture book featuring stories about Teddy Bear. more ]

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