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News from the Perth Mint

A comprehensive list of new commemorative coins struck by the Perth Mint reached us recently... more ]

Perth Mint Announces New Releases

The Perth Mint releases new coins dedicated to the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, continuing the series Ships That Changed The World with the Mayflower and, and, and … more ]

News from the Perth Mint in November

In November the Perth Mint released many new coins celebrating the auspicious Year of the Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac and continuing various series. The coins dedicated to the famous ship Mayflower, the surgeonfish and the Bush baby are only some of the new issues... more ]

Coin Invest Trust continues "Hollywood Legends"

The Coin Invest Trust presents the third issue of its succesful series “Hollywood Legends”. Again these three coins are dedicated to stars of the dream factory who have written film history: Marlene Dietrich, Anita Ekberg, Robert Mitchum. more ]

A Coin with a Nano Chip Featuring a Map of the World!

It may sound far-fetched, but using the latest nanotechnology, Coin Invest Trust has created a coin for the island nation of the Cook Islands that manages to capture a detailed map of the world on a chip the size of a fingernail. This extraordinary stamping is titled ‘Nano Earth.’ more ]

The Official PGA TOUR ‘Golf Ball’ Silver Coin

The PGA TOUR organizes the world’s premier and highest-endowed tournament for professional golfers. The Cook Islands are issuing a commemorative PGA TOUR golf ball silver coin designed by Coin Invest Trust. more ]

Easter In All Shapes

For centuries, eggs and rabbits have been a part of Easter, appearing in forms that range from the traditional to the exclusive. Coin Invest Trust has brought both together with an Easter bunny coin and three magnificent coins inspired by the style of the famed Fabergé eggs. more ]

The second official coin of the PGA Tour

Friends of golf know the PGA Tour as the organizer of the world’s premier and highest-remunerated tournament for professional golfers. And now, the Cook Islands are issuing the second official coin of the PGA Tour, designed by Coin Invest Trust. more ]

Hollywood Legends IV – Bernard of Hollywood™

The successful ‘Hollywood Legends’ series is being taken one step further – this fourth set of the series is dedicated to the stars of the 50s and 60s: Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale, and Gregory Peck in photos by Bernard of Hollywood. more ]

Wildlife Conservation – Prism 2013

The Cook Islands offer us a small reminder that it is largely due to human interference that many species and habitats on earth are currently threatened. Three silver coins designed by Coin Invest Trust depict females of a threatened species, illustrated in prism technique. more ]

Nano Space

Cook Islands’ coin containing a small nano chip, upon which a detailed map of the world was depicted, has a successor: Nano Space. This coin takes things one step further, capturing our solar system on the chip. From the smallest to the largest. more ]

Albrecht Dürer – Rhinoceros

Coin Invest Trust has developed a new coin celebrating Albrecht Dürer’s legendary woodcut ‘Rhinoceros’. The coin harks back to the age of copperplate engraving, with the silver coin featuring a copper inlay of the Indian rhinoceros... more ]

Coin Invest Trust designs coins on historic changes in the Vatican

Coin Invest Trust has designed a series of coins that pay tribute to a historically significant event: the first resignation of a pope since the Middle Ages. more ]

Cook Islands collector coin on Chelyabinsk meteorite

On the morning of February 15, 2013, a meteorite hit the earth in the Ural Mountains. The enormous celestial body caused considerable damage to the people around the city of Chelyabinsk. Now, a unique coin allows the viewer to relive this dramatic event. more ]

Cook Islands collector coin commemorates SS Republic

The paddle steamer SS Republic was transporting over 50,000 coins when it sank in 1865. In 2003, the wreck was discovered and the cargo recovered. Now, the Cook Islands has issued a commemorative coin bearing a small piece of salvaged coal from the ship. more ]

Merry Christmas 2013

To Christians Christmas stands for God’s love towards men. The merry event of the birth of Jesus was proclaimed by an angel. Coin Invest Trust has chosen this herald of good news for this year’s Christmas coin. more ]

Shades of Nature: A bee seen like with a microscope

Coin Invest Trust issues a new coin series: Shades of Nature. Thanks to the latest laser technology, the coins reveal nature in all its shades and beauty. The first coin depicts a honeybee in as much detail as if viewed under a microscope. more ]

Paint Your Coin – First Love

A coin designed by Coin Invest Trust captures the happiness of the first love. The silver coin waits to be customized with the included colour set. more ]

Coin Invest Trust designed third PGA TOUR coin

Coin Invest Trust has issued a new coin for the official PGA TOUR series. Golf fans and coin collectors alike will appreciate this coloured silver coin with an inlaid leather golf bag. more ]

New “Spectacular Landscapes” series opens with Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive natural wonders on our planet and a worthy subject to mark the start of a new coin series: “Spectacular Landscapes”. By choosing a powerful combination of silver, marble and colours, Coin Invest Trust has truly imbued this spectacular landscape with life. more ]

Coins as thermometers

In the 18th century, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and Anders Celsius independently developed universal temperature scales which are still in use today. Coin Invest Trust has designed two coins for Palau and Cook Islands which can be used as thermometers – with the scale of one of the two famous scientists respectively. more ]

Meteorite hits coin

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of its meteorite coins, Coin Invest Trust has come up with something very special: About 15 million years ago, a meteorite hit the Danube area. In the process, Moldavite, a natural glass, was formed. The 10th edition in the meteorite series incorporates this rare material. more ]

Nano Life

542 million years of evolution on our planet: what fills entire libraries has been condensed by Coin Invest Trust on a single coin, compressed on a nano chip. more ]

History of the Samurai

Brave, fearless, honourable – such are the Samurai warriors that fascinate both young and old up to the present day. For Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust has produced a small-scale silver monument to this Japanese institution. more ]

Australia mints new circulating coins for Cook Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu

History was made with three Pacific Island nations, Cook Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu, marking the introduction of their own brand new circulating coins at the official coin striking ceremony at the Royal Australian Mint. more ]

The Beauty of Nature on a Coin

The latest coin in the “Shades of Nature” series designed by Coin Invest Trust for the Cook Islands is dedicated to the blue nawab (Polyura schreiber). The coin unites cutting-edge technology with the breathtaking beauty of nature. more ]

New creation of CIT: Murrine Millefiori Glass Art

One look at Coin Invest Trust’s new creation is sufficient to understand why the glasswork technique with its longstanding tradition is called “mille fiori” – “a thousand flowers”. The coin, a fascinating fusion of two very different materials, was produced for the Cook Islands. more ]

Space-Time Continuum

Who says that coins are destined to be round and flat? For Cook Islands Coin Invest Trust has created a coin with an extraordinary shape that makes science materialize, virtually linking space to time. more ]

Magnificent Life 2015 Peacock

Magnificent, majestic, iridescent – this is how the peacock presents itself when it performs courtship displays. By order of the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust dedicates the commemorative coin “Magnificent Life 2015 Peacock” to this divine bird. more ]

70 Years of Peace in Europe

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, Coin Invest Trust, on behalf of Cook Islands, created a classic commemorative coin. It celebrates a condition which we must not take for granted. more ]

Quilling Art 2016 – Flowers

On behalf of Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust designed a coin whose reverse features, on the silver ground, two delicate paper flowers that are hand-crafted with the popular quilling technique. more ]

World of Hunting: Alpine Ibex – Moose

The first two 2016 issues of the “World of Hunting” series, which Coin Invest Trust designs for the Cook Islands, are dedicated to the Alpine Ibex and the Moose. The stunning interplay of relief and colour renders the coins a captivating sight. more ]

Milestones of Mankind 2016 – Egyptian Labyrinth

The Milestones of Mankind 2016 – Egyptian Labyrinth coin, produced by Coin Invest Trust for the Cook Islands might become a milestone of modern numismatics. It shows the Egyptian Labyrinth of the German polymath Athanasius Kircher in great wealth of detail. more ]

Shades of Nature – Fighting Fish

Coin Invest Trust’s latest issue in the Shades of Nature series for Cook Islands features the Siamese fighting fish. Thanks to the use of smartminting© and laser technology, the coin’s three-dimensionality and wealth of detail remains unparalleled. more ]

The Great Tea Race of 1866

For the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust has designed a coin on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Great Tea Race of 1866. The use of smartminting© technology raises the bar in terms of brilliance, relief height and wealth of detail. more ]

Murrine Millefiori – Glass Art 2016

The coin series Murrine Millefiori Glass Art, designed by Coin Invest Trust for the Cook Islands, gives a new look to a glasswork technique with an old tradition. Now the second issue has been launched. more ]


For the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust remembers the “United Kingdom European Union membership referendum” on June 23, 2016, on a newly designed coin. more ]

William Shakespeare

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare in 2016, Coin Invest Trust has designed a gold coin for the Cook Islands, which renders one of the most well-known portraits of the poet in unrivalled sharpness of detail. more ]

Magnificent Life 2016 – Wasp Spider

The second issue in the ‘Magnificent Life’ series, which Coin Invest Trust designs for the Cook Islands, is dedicated to the Wasp Spider. This coin impresses by the newly improved technologies of smartminting© and colour application on extra-high relief. more ]

Pope Francis – 80th Birthday

On the 80th birthday of Pope Francis on December 17, 2016, Coin Invest Trust has designed a gold commemorative coin in six different specifications for the Cook Islands. more ]

The 7 Summits – Denali

For Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust has created a new series dedicated to the highest peaks of the seven continents. Thanks to smartminting, the first issue, made from five ounces of fine silver, renders the Denali, North America’s highest mountain, in a stunningly high relief. more ]

Tamdakht Meteorite Strike

On December 20, 2008, at 10:37 pm local time, a meteorite hit the earth north of Tamdakht in Morocco. For the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust has designed the “Tamdakht Meteorite Strike”, a coin whose intentional overstrike lets the surface appear like a crater. more ]

CIT Produces Real Legal Tender Silver Notes

On behalf of Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust issues the first 1 dollar notes made of 5 grams of fine silver. Depicting the skylines of the world’s great metropolises in colour, this new series creates a fusion of metal value and legal tender. more ]

Magical Congress of the USA – Fantastic Beasts

For the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust has issued a commemorative 1 oz fine silver coin limited to 5,000 pieces on the Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Thanks to smartminting©, the relief is spectacularly high, featuring brilliant details. more ]

Quilling Art Bird

For the Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust creates the second issue of the series Quilling Art. Every specimen of the 999 pieces edition is unique, with handcrafted Quilling elements, a colorful bird and two green leaves. more ]

100th Anniversary Graf Zeppelin

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Count Ferdinand of Zeppelin's death, Coin Invest Trust has designed a commemorative coin for the Cook Islands. The high-relief 3 oz silver edition features a piece of original fabric from the “Graf Zeppelin”. more ]

Remembrance Poppy

The Cook Islands have issued a colored coin in the shape of a stylized red poppy to remember the fallen soldiers, who lost their life during World War I and II. more ]

Shades of Nature – Hummingbird

The latest issue in the Shades of Nature series, issued by Coin Invest Trust for the Cook Islands, features the hummingbird. This series presents the wonders of nature in unparalleled three-dimensional quality and attention to detail. more ]

The 7 Summits – Mount Everest

The second issue in the “7 Summits” series, which CIT designs for the Cook Islands, features the peak of Mount Everest. Minted from 5 ounces of fine silver, each coin displays the terrain of the highest eight-thousander with colour application and in breathtaking plasticity. more ]

Cherry Blossom Globe

For the Cook Islands CIT has produced a silver commemorative coin on the Cherry Blossom Festival. Each of the 2017 coins is presented in an upright position within a snow globe, handcrafted by Perzy and filled with pink petals which float around a couple in embrace. more ]

Scarab Selection II

On behalf of the Cook Islands, CIT continues the “Scarab Selection” series with three new releases. With fascinating colours and an additional inserted Swarowski® crystal, the numismatic adaptations of the “Holy Dung Beetle” make the perfect gift. more ]

CIT „Magnificent Life 2017“ – Cobra

The cobra is one of the most fascinating animals in the world. To this impressive genus CIT, for the Cook Islands, dedicates the third issue in its “Magnificent Life” series. more ]

Meteorite Impact – Chergach

A real meteorite fragment is embedded in each of the “Chergach Meteorite” coins, designed by CIT for the Cook Islands. The combination of several complex minting technologies and a special finish generates a surface that looks like the impact site in the Sahara desert. more ]

CIT presents coin depicting the Giant Girdled Lizard

A dragon on a coin: The extraordinary Giant Girdled Lizard (smaug giganteus), a dragon-like lizard species home to South Africa, is depicted on CIT’s newest coin. This issue will be this year’s contribution to the CIT series “Shades of Nature”. more ]

Emperor Penguin

An emperor penguin has been added to Coin Invest’s series of animal-featured coin sculptures. One gold and one silver coin pay homage to the bird that, within the animal kingdom, has become a symbol of parental love. more ]

Little Secrets

It is not only the beauty routine of the woman portrayed on CIT’s latest silver coin that is mysterious. The technique, too, which was used to yield such a high relief with recessed color application in perfection remains the mint’s secret. more ]

Indian Summer Globe

A new silver coin designed by Coin Invest for the Cook Islands takes up the theme of the successful Cherry Blossom coin. The coin unites three different surface finishes in one and, what is more, pays tribute to the famous Viennese snow globe. more ]

Lullaby – Dreaming Boy

With this issue Coin Invest promotes numismatics among the youngest ones and simultaneously transcends the boundaries between collector and wider audience. This exquisitely crafted silver coin can be turned into a musical box in the blink of an eye. more ]

Meteorite Impacts: Erfoud Meteorite NWA 6827

The latest issue of the successful „Meteorite Impacts“ series featuring a small piece of the Erfoud Meteorite represents a new dimension in minting technology. As a matter of fact, CIT Coin Invest had to develop a suitable packaging due to the crater’s sculptural depth. more ]

Spirit of Trains - Mallard

CIT Coin Invest AG has produced a coin to commemorate the 80th anniversary of a world record. On July 3, 1938, the British steam locomotive “The Mallard” briefly achieved a record speed of 125 mph and thus holds the world speed record for steam locomotives. more ]

ACDC: Black Ice

In 2008, the legendary ACDC album “Black Ice” was released. It was the last one the band recorded with the original lineup. CIT Coin Invest AG has issued a silver coin on behalf of the Cook Islands to mark the 10th anniversary of the album. more ]

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