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A New Christmas Coin From Andorra

In occasion of Christmas the Principality of Andorra issues a new coin. The 5 diner silver coin is released in October and has been conceived by the Coin Invest Trust. The incorporation of a Swarowski© element as Star of Bethlehem and the partially coloured reverse attract attention... more ]

Padre Pio – Italy’s holy thaumaturge

Padre Pio is arguably the most popular Saint of Italy. In occasion of his 125th anniversary the Coin Invest Trust issues a gold coin in two variations on behalf of the Principality of Andorra. more ]

Andorra issues coins on birds

Andorra dedicates an issue in silver and copper-nickel to three of its characteristic birds. Coin Invest Trust has succeeded in utilizing an iridescent prism technique to render the birds’ gorgeous plumage. more ]

Papilio machaon – A Butterfly in 3D

Coin Invest is continuing one of its popular series – the butterfly coins with 3D inlay. This year’s coin, dedicated to the black and yellow swallowtail, is issued by the Principality of Andorra. more ]

FEI – The official coin series

The international parent organization of the national equestrian association, FEI, has entrusted Coin Invest Trust with the design of an official coin series. Collectors and equestrian sport aficionados alike can now delight in the first four coins of this new series. more ]

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