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Jack London, Klondike and Burning Daylight
One day in December Daylight filled a pan from bed rock on his own claim and carried it into his cabin. Here a fire burned and enabled him to keep water unfrozen in a canvas tank. He squatted over the tank and began to wash... more ]

The Mint of the United States of America in Philadelphia

In contrast to many other mints which seldom allow a visit to their production site, the Philadelphia Mint offered their visitors a comprehensive program including official guided tours and souvenirs as early as the end of the 19th century... more ]

Cent, Nickel, Dime – what is depicted on American coinage and why?

Everybody all over the world is acquainted with the American dollar. But did you ever have a closer look at the three smallest denominations of US coinage? They represent the American conception of the world, too. At the risk of boring our constant readers from the United States, here is a short comment on the subjects pictured there... more ]

Gold rush in California: part II

Countless stories tell of the Californian gold rush which brought thousands of men to America, the Promised Land. But the gold made only very few rich. The majority died as a result of the exertion during the travel, the hard work and the disappointment when they returned back home, poorer than they had come. Their story should be told here. more ]

Gold rush in California: part I

Countless stories tell of the Californian gold rush which brought thousands of men to America, the Promised Land. But the gold made only very few rich. The majority died as a result of the exertion during the travel, the hard work and the disappointment when they returned back home, poorer than they had come. Their story should be told here. more ]

Gold rush in California: part III

Countless stories tell of the Californian gold rush which brought thousands of men to America, the Promised Land. But the gold made only very few rich. The majority died as a result of the exertion during the travel, the hard work and the disappointment when they returned back home, poorer than they had come. Their story should be told here. more ]

Virginia City – Where monetary history was written...

Do you believe, too, that precious metal always retains its value? Well, then you better accompany us to Virginia City, where, in the Comstock Lode, so much silver was found that the silver standard was rendered obsolete. more ]

The mints of San Francisco Part 1: The Old Mint

Join us on our trip to the “Old Mint” of San Francisco. Old and new photos give an insight into the minting as it was done in The Granite Lady. more ]

Bullion coins part 3: The American Eagle

This bullion coin of the United States, first released in 1986, can look back on a long tradition. Its obverse takes up an effigy that was designed by one of the greatest American artists. more ]

Bullion coins part 4: American Buffalo

The bullion coin “American Buffalo” is supposed to capture the beauty of the Wild West. In reality though, the models used for the images were anything but wild. more ]

A mint for the Comstock Lode in Carson City / Nevada

Only for a few years the US Mint struck gold and silver coins at its branch in Carson City. Only 57 types of gold coins originated there. Auction house Gadoury is now able to offer an impressive number of these rarities in their forthcoming auction. more ]

The Hero of the Second War of American Independence

As part of its Berlin Auction 285, the auction house Künker offers a Congressional Gold Medal. This is no medal like any other, but the one President Madison handed personally to Alexander Macomb, the Hero of Plattsburgh. We are telling his story. more ]

More than 3.7 Mio. $ for a Nickel

None other than one of the most famous American coins in existence, the „Olsen“ specimen of the 1913 Liberty nickel, was the anchor lot in Heritage Auctions January ... more ]

Enigmatic hoard in East London

Amateur gardeners unearthed 80 Double Eagles in a little garden in east London. If the owner won’t be found within one year, the hoard will be declared treasure... more ]

A hoard of pre-Revolutionary War colonial paper money

The Colonial Williamsburg Collection acquires the Cornell Hoard, an important hoard of paper money worth then 7.176 pounds sterling.... more ]

Money worth looking at!

The Princeton University has organized an exhibit on Paper Money, which still can be seen to January 2, 2011.... more ]

Owner of the Hackney Hoard ascertained

In 2007 residents of the London borough Hackney came upon a treasure of 80 American gold coins, while digging a frog pond. Now the real owner of these coins has been ascertained. It is the descendant of a German Jew, who escaped to Britain in 1938... more ]

ANA Museum Showcase in Chicago to Feature Amazing Rarities

The American Numismatic Association’s signature Museum Showcase, featuring rare and historically significant numismatic treasures, will be on display at the 2011 ANA World’s Fair of Money (SM), Aug. 16-20 in Chicago... more ]

Morton & Eden: Orders awarded to the man who sold Alaska

Awards from a grateful Czar heaped upon the diplomat who negotiated the deal for the United States to buy Alaska from Russia are to be sold by specialist auctioneers Morton & Eden in London on Friday June 10, 2011... more ]

Verdict in 1933 Double Eagles trial

On July 20, 2011 – after ten days of trial and five hours of deliberation – a jury decided that the ten 1933 Double Eagles, which had been handed to the Secret Service by the descendants of a jeweler from Philadelphia, still belong to the United States of America, although the theft has been committed more than 70 years ago... more ]

Roosevelt Dime with Anti-Semitic Counterstamp is Featured in The Shekel

The cover story of the March-June 2012 double issue of The Shekel was inspired by Mel Wacks’ discovery of a 1953 Roosevelt Dime with the word “JEW” stamped over the portrait. But the new issue contains more intriguing stories ... more ]

Verdict in 1933 Double Eagle Trial Upheld

A federal judge confirmed a 2011 verdict regarding ten 1933 Double Eagle gold coins. Founders handed them over to the Philadelphia Mint for authentication. But then the United States had claimed their right on these coins which by a jury a now again has been recognised. more ]

New record for auctioned coin: $10+ million

During its Americana Sale on January 24, 2013 US auction house Stack’s Bowers Galleries sold a 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar for $10,016,875: a new record price for a single coin auctioned ever. more ]

Famous ‘Lost’ nickel sells for $3.17 million

1913 5C Liberty, PR63 PCGS, one of just five known, crosses the block in Chicago-area event, April 25. The item was kept for over 40 years in a closet after being mistakenly declared to be a date altered fake. more ]

Record high on U.S. coin market in 2013

The U.S. rare coin market was estimated at $5 billion in 2013 and soared with nearly $393 million of coins sold at auction the past year, according to the nonprofit Professional Numismatist Guild. more ]

What’s the story behind the Californian gold treasure?

In California, walking the dog a couple found the largest treasure ever found in the USA. Estimated value: over $10 million. But is the money really theirs? Maybe not, as the recent development is indicating. more ]

Great American Coin Hoard Unveiled by Stack’s Bowers Galleries

One of the greatest American coin hoards ever to be found has been acquired by Stack’s Bowers Galleries. The hoard contains over a million coins and its comprehensive market value may range from $15 to $20 million. more ]

Legendary gold cargo to be recovered from SS Central America shipwreck

Odyssey Marine Exploration has been awarded the exclusive contract to recover the remaining valuable cargo from the SS Central America off the coast of South Carolina. The ship sank in 1857 with one of the largest documented cargoes of gold ever lost at sea. more ]

NGC Certifies 1838 Gobrecht Hub Reduction

NGC has authenticated a previously unreported brass hub reduction produced at the US Mint from an eagle designed by famed US Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht. A hub reduction represents a transitional piece between the sculpted model and the hub used to create coining dies. more ]

First gold coin of Saddle Ridge Hoard donated to San Francisco Mint Museum

The California family who discovered over $10 Million in buried gold coins has decided to use the first piece of their newfound fortune to help save the historical National landmark where 1,312 of the 1,427 gold coins in the now-famous Saddle Ridge Hoard were struck. more ]

First Gold Recovery From SS Central America Since 1991

Odyssey Marine Exploration recovered nearly 1,000 ounces of gold during the first reconnaissance dive to the SS Central America shipwreck site. The archaeological excavation of the site will be undertaken once the pre-disturbance survey provides detailed documentation of the site. more ]

NGC Grades Eric P. Newman Part V

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has graded the fifth installment of the extraordinary collection of Eric P. Newman. The selections comprise nearly 1,000 coins and boast a variety of exceedingly rare and high grade US Colonial, Territorial and Federal issues. more ]

NGC Now Attributing Early US Gold Varieties

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has added early federal gold coins to the many series that it will recognize comprehensively by variety numbers. All pre-1834 issues may now be submitted to NGC to receive Bass-Dannreuther (BD) numbers. more ]

The Terra Cotta Portraits of Benjamin Franklin

Richard Margolis, expert on modern medals, has put down his profound knowledge about the terra cotta portraits of Benjamin Franklin created by Jean-Baptiste Nini in a bibliophilic book. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

Exhibits of numismatic interest at the Smithsonian

The new National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution is the most extensive numismatic exhibition in Washington, D.C. But there are, from time to time, other exhibitions at Smithsonian museums that are worth visiting when you are in the US capital. more ]

Treasures – the most intriguing topic of numismatics

‘Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures: Illustrated Stories of the Greatest American Troves and Their Discoveries’, by renowned author Q. David Bowers, is the latest release of Whitman Publishing. more ]

Museum of American Finance to Open Gold Exhibition

“Worth Its Weight” is the title of an exhibition that will be shown on Wall Street, New York, opening on November 19, 2015. Organized by the Museum of American Finance, it will feature more than 100 unique and rare gold objects. more ]

Whitman Releases Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money Vol. 6

Whitman Publishing has released volume 6 of the Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money, by Q. David Bowers. It covers the early bank currency of the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. more ]

Whitman Releases New Book on Philadelphia Mint in 19th century

Whitman Publishing announces “1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold”. The book chronicles the trials and tribulations of the U.S. Mint in the first half of the 19th century and the tremendous impact that the 1848 discovery of gold in California had upon that institution. more ]

From the underground to the end-users: the final Round Table of the DAMIN project

Where does the material come from, that is used by mints for coining? In the final Round Table of the DAMIN project in San Francisco, the focus was placed on gold, silver, and mercury. more ]

NGC presents McClure Collection in Image Gallery

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has created an online image gallery for the Rev. Dr James Gore King McClure Collection, a fascinating assemblage of coins, tokens and medals collected between the 1860s and 1930s. The collection will be offered by Heritage Auctions. more ]

ANA's Money Museum Catches Gold Fever

The Edward C. Rochette Money Museum, operated by the American Numismatic Association in Colorado Springs, has unveiled an expansion of its “Gold Rush” exhibit, which currently highlights Colorado mining history. more ]

Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money Vol. 7 Published

Volume 7 of the Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money is published. In it Q. David Bowers covers the Southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. more ]

The Atlantic Cable Medal of 1866

On July 27, 1866, 150 years ago, the Transatlantic Cable was completed connecting North America and Europe telegraphically for comparatively instant communication. Herman Blanton tells the story and what was the numismatic aspect of it. more ]

Fitzwilliam display on the Dollar

The Fitzwilliam Museum will show a display on the dollar and how it became a truly global currency. The display runs until 26 February 2017 and shows items to illustrate the dollar’s colourful history. more ]

Bullion Coins of the World

Many investors prefer bullion coins to bars. Their advantages: they show beautiful motifs deeply rooted in the history and culture of the issuing nations. Learn more about that in our bullion coins series. more ]

Gold rushes in British Columbia and beyond

The Canadian Museum of History examines the race for riches on Canada’s West Coast. ‘Gold Rush! – El Dorado in British Columbia’ taps into a much-mythologized vein of history that encompasses gold rushes in California, Australia and Canada in the 19th century. more ]

Exploring the Mints of the United States – From Colonial Days to the Present

Published by Whitman, Q. David Bower’s new book on the history of the U.S. Mint makes its debut in October 2016. Dennis Tucker introduces the book, reflects about the Mint and talks about the author. more ]

Whitman Publishing: Bob McCabe’s Counterfeiting and Technology

Whitman Publishing has released “Counterfeiting and Technology: A History of the Long Struggle Between Paper-Money Counterfeiters and Security Printing” by Bob McCabe. more ]

Whitman Publishing Releases Massive New Bowers Volume on the United States Mint

Whitman Publishing announces the release of A Guide Book of the United States Mint, by Q. David Bowers. The 23rd volume in the award-winning Bowers Series explores the United States Mint itself, which is gearing up to celebrate its 225th anniversary in 2017. more ]

How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World

In “Central Banks and Gold”, Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler explore how today’s financialized form of globalism took shape a century ago, when Tokyo joined London and New York as a major financial center. more ]

New Bowers Book on Liberty Seated Silver Coinage released

Whitman Publishing announces the release of the new book by Q. David Bowers on the U.S. Mint’s Liberty Seated Silver Coinage. Minted from 1836 until 1891, these classic silver coins fueled American commerce and are now becoming increasingly popular with collectors. more ]

Money laundering by order of the government

What does a country do when its banknotes last less than a year but they do not want to keep printing new ones? Wash and iron the old ones. By doing so, the U.S. Treasury Department saved several hundreds of thousands of dollars of production costs around 1910. more ]

New Edition of A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents

Whitman Publishing has released an expanded, updated second edition of its best-selling “Guide Book of Lincoln Cents”. It provides a detailed study of this American classic, including history, grading, market values, and more. more ]

Latest issue of CNL published

The Colonial Newsletter of the ANS has published some of the most seminal studies on early American numismatics. Issue 164 includes the first half of the transcript of the 1787 Connecticut mint accounting records that help understand how the mint actually operated. more ]

21st Edition of “Paper Money of the United States” released

The 21st edition of Friedberg’s “Paper Money of the United States” was released. Featuring color illustrations of notes from America’s greatest currency collections, this updated and revised standard reference book is available in three formats. more ]

“Ship of Gold” exhibit to dock in Long Beach

In 1857, the steamship SS Central America sank in a hurricane while carrying tons of California gold. Parts of the in 2014 recovered cargo are shown in an exhibition that looks like a ship itself. Next stop: Long Beach, February 22-24, 2018. more ]

Gold and Silver: Images and Illusions of the Gold Rush

With an exhibition on the Gold Rush the National Gallery of Canada offers a new interpretation of a seminal, American-identity building event through exquisite historical images. Until 4 April 2018 visitors can admire more than 150 images, most of them never exhibited before. more ]

New 2019 Official Red Book available soon

Whitman Publishing offers an expanded, updated 72nd edition of its best-selling Guide Book of United States Coins, popularly known as “Red Book”. The book can be pre-ordered online and will be available on March 22, 2018. more ]

Break-in at American-Football Idol Rob Gronkowski solved – due to two stolen Morgan Dollars

The burglars were sure that the owner of their target would not come home, while they were busy robbing his house: Rob Gronkowski was playing in the Super Bowl. Now, the criminals were exposed with a little help of two graded Morgan dollars and the numismatic community. more ]

Gold as a safe haven?

Ask your investment consultant. He will tell you that gold has been a safe haven since the creation of the world. And when he tells you so, he has forgotten that the American ban of gold ownership was lifted as late as December 31, 1974. more ]

Photographic insight into American economic history

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery dedicates an exhibition to those who made America great. The over 100 exhibits show workers at worksite and are art as well as historic testimonies. more ]

Heritage Auctions Brokers Sale of 1787 Brasher Doubloon for Record $5+ Million

Heritage Auctions sold the finest certified 1787 New York Brasher Doubloon for more than $5 million. This deal sets one of the highest prices ever reported for an American coin making the coin the most valuable single item sold in company history. more ]

Haiti and Toussaint Louverture

Toussaint Louverture is one of the most remarkable icons of coloured identity and therefore often shown on coins and banknotes. The British Museum explores his legacy and the world’s first slave revolution taking place in Haiti. more ]

FBI-agents as archaeologists

Has the FBI actually dug for the gold of Gettysburg? According to professional treasure hunters, there are still gold bars worth 55 m. $ hidden in the ground near Benezette, Pennsylvania. The gold was meant for Lincoln's troops. more ]

The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and the Californian Gold Rush

The Californian Gold Rush attracted thousands of unlucky revolutionists of 1848/9. Among them was the Hungarian Count Samuel C. Wass. He co-founded the famous assay office in San Francisco and donated four of his gold coins to the Hungarian National Museum. more ]

PCGS Experts Spot Deceptively Altered Colonial Rarity

A drastically but deceptively altered 1792 Washington Eagle ‘cent’ submitted to Professional Coin Grading Service underscores the alarming skills of some so-called ‘coin doctors’ and why it is essential to have rare coins expertly and independently examined. more ]

U.S. Medals and Tokens featured in new 4th MEGA RED Edition

Whitman Publishing released his new 1,504-page MEGA RED edition featuring also American exonumia ranging from dime-sized tokens to dollar-sized and larger medals. more ]

NGC-Certified Unique 1792 Washington President Gold Eagle at Heritage Auction

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® has certified the late Eric P. Newman’s most cherished coin: the unique 1792 Washington President gold eagle that George Washington probably carried as a pocket piece. It will be offered at auction for the first time since 1890. more ]

A Quarter for the Comrade

Flags, flowers and wreaths. That's what we expect to see when we visit an American military cemetery. However, for some decades now, people have also been encountering coins on headstones there. This recent tradition has a moving origin. more ]

ACTF Special Exhibit of Counterfeits Coins

The ACTF will exhibit a five-case display of counterfeit coins, precious metal bars, and grading holders during the ANA World’s Money Fair in Philadelphia. The items were confiscated during a recent investigation and aim to illustrate levels of deceptiveness. more ]

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles Available Through Heritage Auctions

The definitive resource on the history of one of the world’s most popular collector coins, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, written by Roger Burdette is now available. Each issue presented here includes an extensive commentary, as well as a list of exceptional specimens. more ]

Once Obscure, American Civil War Tokens Now Take the Spotlight

An updated and revised third edition of the Guide Book of Civil War Tokens will debut in October 2018. The previous two editions have already become a standard reference in this fascination field of collection. more ]

How the Czech Tolar Became the Dollar

Petr Vorel takes us on a journey of monetary history: from the birth of the taler and its rise in the 16th century to its global victory as the dollar in the 20th century. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the pivotal work. more ]

The world’s most expensive coin

We know something the Guinness World Records don’t. CoinsWeekly’s Coin Records present what is likely to be the most expensive coin ever sold in an auction. The final price for the item amounted to a record 10,016,875 US dollars. more ]

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