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The lustre of all the gold treasures of the world does not make me happy

Although Michael I Apafi had the largest modern gold coins produced he nevertheless remained sceptical towards gold... more ]

At the Height of the Thirty Years’ War

Why issued Emperor Ferdinand III a gold medallion on his son’s coronation to King of Hungary and Bohemia only ten years later? This numismatic question leads us in the middle of the bloody Thirty Years’ War and to Wallenstein. more ]

Bohemia and the House of Habsburg – a conflict-laden relationship

Habsburg coins having been minted in the Prague Mint is something we very much take for granted. In its Auction 285, to be held on 2 February 2017, the auction house Künker offers an entire series of these. But it was anything but ordained by God that Bohemia became subject to the rule of the House of Habsburg. more ]

Hungary releases coin in honor of Prime Minister Kálmán Széll

Marking the 100th anniversary of the death of politician Kálmán Széll, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issues a collector coin in two versions. It features a portrait of the Prime Minister of the period of Austro-Hungarian Dualism in Hungary. more ]

The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and the Californian Gold Rush

The Californian Gold Rush attracted thousands of unlucky revolutionists of 1848/9. Among them was the Hungarian Count Samuel C. Wass. He co-founded the famous assay office in San Francisco and donated four of his gold coins to the Hungarian National Museum. more ]

Austrian exhibition in Innsbruck presents powerful women (and collectors)

“The Art of Power” focuses on three remarkable women who set standards in courtly culture within the Habsburg dynasty: The three archduchesses Margaret, Mary, and Catherine of House Habsburg shaped European politics during the Renaissance. more ]

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