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Ottoman Imtiyaz medal awarded to German Emperor William I yields 161,000 Euros

On December 30, 1883, the Ottoman ruler drafted a decree by which he invested the German Emperor William I, his new confederate, into the Golden Order of Merit of his country, called Nishan Imtiyaz. That honor was intended to strengthen the political ties between the German Emperor and the Empire at the Bosporus River... more ]

The sorrowful life of the Ottoman Prince Cem

The life of Prince Cem – the youngest son of Mehmed II – was no fortunate life at all. Even dead he was not granted peace: they demanded 5,000 ducats for the prince’s body. more ]

Diary of a numismatist travelling Turkey (2009) – Part 6

Ankyra is a name familiar to anyone interested in the history of the Roman emperors. The Monumentum Ancyranum is a magnificent insight into the image cultivation of Emperor Augustus. Turkish Ankara, however, has much more to offer. more ]

Diary of a numismatist travelling Turkey (2009)

In the summer 2009 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Turkey – of course searching for numismatic traces as she always does. She condensed her impressions in a diary whose single parts we have gathered here. more ]

The Coin Collection of a Statesman in the Ottoman Empire

Alexandre Carathéodory Pasha was a prominent Greek scholar, diplomat, and leading statesman in the Ottoman Empire – and a coin collector. His interest in collecting ancient coins was inspired by his meeting with the French diplomat William-Henri Waddington in Berlin in 1878. more ]

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