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The history of South America told by coins from the Lissner Collection

The numismatic history of South America is as fascinating as its political turmoils between the Spanish Conquista and the fight for independence. The Lissner Collection has gathered innumerous numismatic gems and thus illustrates perfectly this intriguing history. more ]

Human faces, part 48: Simón Bolívar, South America’s heroic freedom fighter

Why was the human head the motif on coins for centuries, no, for millennia? And why did that change in the last 200 years? In this episode: Why Bolivia is called Bolivia. more ]

Four and a half centuries of Peruvian coins

To commemorate the four hundred fifty year anniversary of the foundation of the Mint of Lima, the authors Carlos Contreras and Carlos Morales present an overview of the institution, symbolizing the strength and continued existence of Peru as a country, beyond the changing moods of politics. more ]

$1 million of 1715 Fleet shipwreck coins coming to market

Sunken Spanish colonial gold treasure coins discovered during the 300th anniversary of the 1715 Fleet’s demise are offered for the first time. In addition to NGC encapsulation, each coin is accompanied by the original, numbered archeological tag of the expedition crew. more ]

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