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The Year of the Freigeld in Wörgl

Who knows Wörgl nowadays? Yet for a short period of time the entire world looked at this small town. In 1932/3, one of the most successful ... more ]

The Coronation Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire

Since 1424, the so-called Heiltumsweisung (Festival of Relics) was held each year in Nuremberg. On that occasion, the Imperial Regalia were taken out of the treasure chamber and presented to ... more ]

The house of Hohenems and his bishops

The masters of Hohenems owed their rise to become the most important noble family in Vorarlberg to their loyalty to the House of Habsburg. Two family members ... more ]

The House of Hohenems and its bishops

2. Wolf Dietrich of Raitenau
In 1558, Helena, the sister of Cardinal and Bishop of Constance Marcus Sitticus of Hohenems, married Hans Werner III of Raitenau. On March 26th, 1559, at the Hofen Castle near Bregenz, she presented ... more ]

The House of Hohenems and its bishops

On March 7th, 1612, Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau officially resigned before the papal nuncio. In an unfortunate fight against Bavaria he had lost rule and liberty. With his resignation ... more ]

The Battle of Lepanto

The famous battle of Lepanto, the great victory of Christianity over the Turks, has been celebrated as one of the major events of world history, even though it did not change the course of history. Find more information on its significance and its representation on a Papal bronze medal...
more ]

The minters’ pilgrimage

How the mint workers in Vienna were saved from the plague epidemic of 1679...
more ]

What is left of the man who invented the taler

The city of Hall is always worth a visit, not only because of its interesting museum on minting technology in the mint tower. Near the parish church, too, a numismatic treasure can be found... more ]

Between Germany and France: A story about the fortress of Philippsburg

On June 20, 2011, Künker’s will auction a thaler of Christoph of Soetern of utmost rarity struck in honor of Udenheim. The coin was issued just after the fortress had been completed, only some weeks before it was renamed in Philippsburg. Here’s the story about the man, the coin and the fortress... more ]

Between Prussia and Austria – The Vienna Coinage Contract

Künker offers a comprehensive selection of coins of Emperor Franz Joseph on September 28, 2011 in sale 195. This is a splendid opportunity to recall the impact of the Vienna Coinage Contract of 1857 on the Austrian currency... more ]

The Order of the Golden Fleece

Countless coins from the Holy Roman Empire show something many catalogs briefly address as “neck chain” of the Order of the Golden Fleece. This article will explain, when and where this chivalric order originated and why it became the most important order of knights all over the Old World... more ]

Message in a bottle

In 1967 workers of the Austrian Mint found a message in a bottle bricked in a wall. Colleagues who worked in the same building around the turn of the century had left the message in order to inform posterity about their awkward situation. more ]

The Counts of Montfort and their Coinage

The last reigning count of Montfort sold his county to the Austrians and retired on a pension. Thus ended a secular history of his family which coin collectors might know particularly as producer of fake and imitative coins. more ]

The Turks at the gates of Vienna!

Künker Auction 289 will offer coins and medals bringing to mind the quarrel about the legacy of Louis of Hungary and the first Siege of Vienna. They form part of Ottoman Collection featuring coins referring to the difficult relation between the Ottoman Empire and the Occident. more ]

The bone - or rather stone - of contention

There are two nations who both raise a claim to the Prince’s Stone as part of their cultural heritage: Slovenia and Carinthia. This story is a splendid topic for debate that has also manifested itself in numismatics. more ]

Bohemia and the House of Habsburg – a conflict-laden relationship

Habsburg coins having been minted in the Prague Mint is something we very much take for granted. In its Auction 285, to be held on 2 February 2017, the auction house Künker offers an entire series of these. But it was anything but ordained by God that Bohemia became subject to the rule of the House of Habsburg. more ]

Bullion coins part 7: The ducat

Ducats were officially disestablished in Austria in 1858. However you can still buy 1 ducats and 4 ducats for investment purposes at the Austrian Mint, which all bear the date 1915. And in a few minutes you will know why. more ]

Antonio Abondio – An artist with special talents

Antonio Abondio made a career for himself as an artist in 16th century Vienna and Prague. The Italian medalist created portraits of powerful people, even the emperor, and influenced colleagues in all of Europe. Sincona offers in its next sale several of Abondio’s works. more ]

The History of Austria as Reflected in its Paper Money

The history of Austria’s paper money is characterized by ups and downs. The banknotes tell of times of crises, revolutions, and the end of the monarchy. And, of course, of counterfeiters who took advantage of the multinational state’s weaknesses. more ]

Adolf of Schwarzenberg – The Liberator of Raab

On March 29, 1598, Adolf of Schwarzenberg reconquered the fortress of Raab, taking it back from the Turks. The Emperor was thankful: He elevated the victorious military to Imperial Count and thus made the House of Schwarzenberg an important factor in the Habsburg Empire. more ]

A Hat fit for a Prince

The Crown of an Austrian Archduke
The second 100 Euro coin in the gold series “Crowns of the House of Habsburg” will be released on Wednesday, 4th November. It is dedicated to the so-called “Archduke’s Hat”, a name derived from ... more ]

The Coin Cabinet in Schloss Eggenberg

In Graz, there is a very special numismatic treasure, the coin collection of Archduke Johann, which was handed over to the Universalmuseum Joanneum in 1811... more ]

«...a lack of appeal...» - Gustav Klimt and the Central Bank

The Austrian National Bank will stage an exhibition between June 15, 2010 and January 28, 2011 featuring an art historical sensation: Gustav Klimt and Franz Matsch had been entrusted with creating the designs of bank notes. These will be shown to the public for the very first time. more ]

Klimt And His Women Told By Coins

The Austrian Mint is going to issue a new 5 part gold coin series celebrating the Austrian art nouveau artist Gustav Klimt. Each coin is dedicated to one of his finest and most famous works. The first coin shows his first portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. more ]

‘The eternal cycle’ – a 200 year old view on economy

The Austrian museums are proposing 100 objects in a large-scale publicity campaign. We do not want to keep you from seeing how a painter saw the economic cycle 200 years ago. more ]

Automobile of Sarajevo

The Austrian museums are proposing 100 objects in a large-scale publicity campaign. Some of them might attract especially those interested in history like this automobile in which heir to the throne Francis Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo in 1914. more ]

Innovations in the land of silver – A congress in Hall / Tyrol

Tyrol remembers you of nothing else than skiing? Shame on you! You would miss the region’s importance in world’s history since here money history was written – from the first high denomination silver coin to the mechanization of the whole coining process. The Hall Mint held a congress on that topic on October 12, 2012. more ]

A trip to Hall in Tyrol

Did we whet your appetite last week for a trip to the Hall museum of the Hall Mint? Well, here comes a second serving, some photo impressions from the thaler’s home. more ]

An Austrian 500 Gulden breaks all records in Norway

A 500 Gulden banknote changed the official auction history in Norway recently when it was sold for 912 times its estimate. It is now known – as Marius Ringsrud reports – as the most expensive banknote ever sold in a Norwegian auction. more ]

“The Emperor’s Gold” at Kunsthistorisches Museums Vienna

As part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Kunsthistorisches Museum the Coin Cabinet is showing a special exhibition running until 5 March 2017 featuring selected gold coins from the Emperor’s coin collection. more ]

Vienna research project on Joseph Eckhel’s Austrian precursors

A three-year project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences focuses on the numismatic networks of Joseph Eckhel’s precursors. The project’s core is a body of letters of Erasmus Frölich and Joseph Khell von Khellburg in the Vienna Coin Cabinet, to be published also in a database. more ]

Austrian exhibition in Innsbruck presents powerful women (and collectors)

“The Art of Power” focuses on three remarkable women who set standards in courtly culture within the Habsburg dynasty: The three archduchesses Margaret, Mary, and Catherine of House Habsburg shaped European politics during the Renaissance. more ]

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