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Money of the German Colonies

In 1871, after the great victory over France and the unification of the German Confederation in the German Empire, ambitious German businessmen thought that everything was possible. They saw their English colleagues earning the earth in the colonies and wanted to do just the same... more ]

Between East and West or: the first Western coins of China

The first Chinese coins imitating western models were struck on the island of Formosa, modern-day Taiwan, nearly 200 years before. This article will tell the story, how it came about... more ]

German cutting edge technology in the Chinese Empire

On February 6th, 2016, 42 Chinese coin dies and 36 punches from the holdings of Otto Beh’s company will be handed over to the state coin cabinet of Saxony-Anhalt. They attest to an exciting chapter of German history of technology. more ]

A hoard of three tons

On December 22, 2010 a kiln filled with three tons (sic!) of bronze coins was discovered... more ]

Building inspired by Chinese Cash Money

‘Time Style’ presents in a slideshow fifteen buildings which, as a matter of fact, do not look like buildings. Some of them seem to originate from another planet, others are made up like statues or flames, and one was inspired by traditional Chinese cash money. more ]

The History of Chinese Coinage

Quite rightly, China prides itself of its long history, impressively evidenced by the Chinese monetary tradition that took a different route than our western one. In three parts Ursula Kampmann describes this intriguing development. more ]

Coin Graded by NGC Obtains 140,000 euros

On 11 March 2014, Künker started the bidding on a Chinese dollar L&M-439 Y-65 from Pei Yang Province with 12,000 euros. The bidding fight only came to an end when it was finally sold for 140,000 euros. What was so special about this coin? Well, NGC had graded it MS 62. more ]

Coin dies from China will come to Moritzburg

In a joint action coin trade, academics and museums have succeeded with a big coup: Chinese dies and punches of Otto Beh company from the end of the 19th century were consigned to the state coin cabinet at the Moritzburg gallery (Halle/Germany). more ]

Chinese coins from a scholar’s study at the Ashmolean

“Chinese coins from the scholar’s study” is a new exhibition at the Money Gallery in the Ashmolean Museum. This special display presents Chinese antiquarian taste for coin collecting and is open until September 24th, 2017. more ]

The monetary history of China

Are you interested in the monetary history of China? It encompasses everything you can imagine: from pre-monetary currency to the first bills. François Thierry has compiled all this in a handbook spanning 700 pages. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look. more ]

East Asian Coins on Display at National Museum of American History

Collector Howard F. Bowker's family donated more than 380 East Asian coins, banknotes and stamps to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. A selection of them is currently on display. more ]

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