Friday, 2023.12.08
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A Numismatic Journey Through the History of Poland

In 2011 World Money Fair welcomes the mint of Poland as guest of honor. On this occasion we will present some modern Polish coins dedicated to the interesting history of this nation. There are only few countries in the world, where history is still such an important issue in everyday life!

The Teutonic Order in Livonia

Walter of Plettenberg managed to introduce the Reformation in Livonia in 1522 and, at the same time, to secure the continuity of the Order’s reign. From him comes a very special gold giant...

The Polish Adventure of August the Strong

Frederick August I, August the Strong, as he loved to call himself, was highly gifted and ambitious. “Little” Saxony was not enough for him, he wanted to join the game of international politics. A splendid opportunity occurred in 1696 when the Polish King had died…

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