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Thursday, 2024.07.25
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Women and Finance. An Evolving Image

An intriguing exhibition has opened at Olten recently: “Women and Finance. An evolving image”. Read here, why exotic women and ancient goddesses were pictured on security certificates and how role models changed – not only on these papers, but also in real life economy!

A visit at the Joanneum

The Joanneum is the oldest and second largest museum in Austria, whose founding statute contains the obligation to collect domestic coins. Ursula Kampmann has paid the museum a visit.

Bags – an interesting topic for numismatics, too

Did you ever wonder which item is the most important one in a lady’s handbag? No, not the iPhone – it’s the money bag containing money, ID card, credit cards… Actually, the handbag originated from the want to show as imposingly as possible how much money one had at one’s disposal. That can be seen in an exhibition in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.

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