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Gold for the coronation

Albert M. Beck will receive a gold numismatic crowning gift for his 80th birthday on 15 April 2017. Andreas Urs Sommer introduces the only known hyperpyron from the coronation issue of Alexios I Komnenos for John II Komnenos.

Medieval Sicily Part 1: The Byzantines

Since ancient times, Sicily has been a cultural melting pot, a junction of Africa and Europe, of West and East. The Byzantines even temporarily moved their capital there.

Medieval Sicily Part 4: The Normans are coming

Around AD 1000, Sicily was ruled and shaped by the Arabs, Lower Italy by the Byzantines and the Lombards. Then the Normans came and created a new empire in the South ...

Medieval Sicily Part 3: Arab Influence

The Arabs didn’t just rule Sicily. They had such an impact on its art and culture that this influence continued to have an effect long after the expulsion of the Muslim masters. This episode tells of what Europe owes to them.

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