Friday, 24.09.2021
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MintNews Quarterly Snapshot

Currently everyone is suffering from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, some more, others less. What impact can we expect the situation to have on the coin producing industry? A MNQ special issue summarises the current trends.

Mint News Quarterly 7/2020 March

  • World Money Fair Technical Forum: Coin Industry Displays Its Achievements
  • Coin of the Year Award 2019
  • Cosmos of Collectibles
  • 13th International Contest – Coin Constellation 2019

Mint News Quarterly 6/2019 December

  • Colombian Mint and Responsible Resource Consumption
  • 1st International Forum for Coin Design Art
  • Third Time Lucky? The Curious Case of the Elusive 50 Pence Brexit Coin
  • While Estonia Announces Plan to Issue 10 Million 1 Cent Coins, their Elimination is Also Discussed

Mint News Quarterly 6/2019 September

  • Which Product for Which Customer?
  • ‘Plamet’: a Combination of Advantages
  • The Path from Idea to Realisation
  • Two Unique Workshops at the Coin Conference

Mint News Quarterly 6/2019 June

  • How Can we Promote Cash?
  • Close to 170,000 Jobs in the EU Depend on the Production of Coins
  • Small Denomination Coins Gain Reprieve from UK Chancellor
  • Economic Impact of Mints on National Economies among Topics at the Coin Conference

Mint News Quarterly 6/2019 March

  • Focus on Environment and Innovation at WMF Technical Forum
  • The End of Krause Publications?
  • Coin Constellation Award: Call for Applications

Mint News Quarterly 5/2018 December

  • The Crucial Role of the Secondary Market for Coins and Medals
  • How to Effectively Ruin your Secondary Market
  • Repositioning the World Money Fair – An Interview with Gitta Künker
  • Impala 400SL: the Latest Generation of Milling Machines

Mint News Quarterly 5/2018 September

  • With or Against the Paper Money Industry?
  • The ICA – a Voice for Cash, a Voice for Mints?
  • International Coin Conference in Moscow

Mint News Quarterly 5/2018 June

  • Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018
  • Are we Asking the Right Questions? MDC’s Consumer Task Force
  • Monea Expands Coin Blank Production in Kremnica
  • Sandra Hanington to Resign as CEO of Royal Canadian Mint
  • MDC Awards 2018

Mint News Quarterly 5/2018 March

  • Technical Forum –  World Money Fair 2018
  • 2018 Coin of the Year: And the Winner is...
  • Canadian Mint Solves White Spot Issue
  • First Female Chief Appointed to The Royal Mint
  • Royal Mint Breaks Fresh Ground with A to Z of Britain