Spectacular solidi hoard found in the Netherlands

41 Roman solidi have been discovered in an orchard in the Gelderland province. They may have served to pay a local ruler to assist in the fight against Germanic tribes. This is a promising start for a newly established project that aims at recording private archaeological finds. more ]

Princeton University Acquires Donald Collection of Byzantine Coins

The Princeton University Numismatic Collection has acquired Peter Donald’s huge collection of rare Byzantine coins. Comprising 5,280 coins, the collection of the English numismatic scholar constitutes one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in the evening ... more ]

Heritage Auctions Staff Aids in Recovering Stolen Coins

Bill Walker, a rare coin specialist in Heritage Auctions’ Dallas office, identified five stolen coins and investigated how they found their way back on the market in order to contact the owner. more ]

Words and Coins

A completely different exhibition concept was the basis of a 2012 exhibition held in Cologny, a suburb of Geneva, the catalog of which we present here. It focused on words and images, on books and coins. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the catalog. more ]

NEH Funds the ANS’s Hellenistic Royal Coinages Project

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded the American Numismatic Society a substantial grant to fund the web-based Hellenistic Royal Coinages project which promises to help fundamentally with identifying and researching Hellenistic royal coinages. more ]

Remembrance Poppy

The Cook Islands have issued a colored coin in the shape of a stylized red poppy to remember the fallen soldiers, who lost their life during World War I and II. more ]

International Coin Design Competition 2017

The Japan Mint will hold the International Coin Design Competition 2017 with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. more ]

PMG certifies rare Palestinian Currency Board notes

The collectors Jerry and Diane Fishman commissioned Paper Money Guaranty with the authentication and grading of their rare Palestinian Currency Board banknotes, among them an issued 50 Pound note from 1927 believed to be unique. more ]

Raid at dawn: criminal investigation of Bode Museum heist successful

More than three months after the giant Big Maple Leaf has been stolen from the Bode Museum, Police arrested some suspects. Thanks to a large-scale raid, the crime seems to have been largely solved. more ]

Belgian Mint ceases activities

The Royal Mint of Belgium will close on January 1, 2018. The reasons are a matter of dispute, for the institution is even said to have made a profit recently. Collectors, on the other hand, can currently benefit from the decision. more ]

New UNESCO Heritage Sites

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has added 21 sites to the World Heritage List during the 41st meeting in Krakow. Five sites were extended and for the first time Angola and Eritrea are present in the prestigious list. more ]

Boii and Taurisci

A new volume on the Celtic finds from Oberleiserberg, a Celtic settlement roughly 50 km north of Vienna, has been published. Among others, it contains interesting essays on numismatic topics. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

PMG Certifies 2 million Notes

Paper Money Guaranty® has now certified 2,000,000 notes, a first for a third-party paper money grading service and more than double the number of notes certified by the next-largest company. more ]

AINA Medal commemorates Balfour Declaration

The American Israel Numismatic Association issues a medal commemorating three important events: the Balfour Declaration, the Reunification of Jerusalem, and AINA’s 50th anniversary. more ]

The Perth Mint creates 1oz silver coins Ghostbusters

On behalf of Tuvalu, The Perth Mint creates three 1oz coins struck from 99.99% pure silver featuring key characters from the hit film in vivid colour and presented in special Ghostbusters (TM) themed packaging. more ]

Surveillance video expected to trace thieves of giant gold coin

There is still no sign of the huge gold Maple Leaf that was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum in March 2017. Berlin Police has now posted a surveillance camera video that might help to find the burglars. more ]

Update to Stockholm coin heist: first pictures of stolen objects

At least 1,400 numismatic objects were stolen from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. Swedish Police is now revealing details for the first time. Here you find pictures of objects concerned. more ]

45 Years of Sino-German Friendship: Commemorative Pandas Struck

In 2017, China and Germany celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Michael Chou and Künker took this as an occasion to initiate two medals of which the German version was first struck on June 30, 2017. more ]

In memoriam John Spring

Coin dealer John Spring has died. Douglas Saville remembers his friend who was specialised in numismatic literature and used to travel whole Europe looking for important books and attending auctions – always by train and never crossing France. more ]

The Royal Mint invests in Sovereign Rarities Limited

The Royal Mint has made an equity investment in Sovereign Rarities Limited, a London based numismatic dealership managed by Ian Goldbart. This is a part of the Royal Mint’s 5 year plan to grow in the collector services market. more ]

Conference on antiquarianism in Near Eastern numismatics

“Eastern Coins in the Early Modern World. Antiquarianism and the Oriental Artifact 1500-1800” is the title of a conference to be held in Spain in September 2017. The organizers welcome paper proposals until July 15, 2017. more ]

Hungarian collector coins commemorate 1867 Compromise

The Compromise of 1867 established the dual monarchy of Austria and Hungary. To mark this event’s 150th anniversary, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issues a collector coin in two materials. more ]

Laughing Buddha

CIT’s latest creation puts a smile on the face of every observer. It is dedicated to the Laughing Buddha, a popular theme of Asian origins and come in a silver and a gold edition both designed on behalf of Palau. more ]

Italy stops producing 1- and 2-eurocents

As of 2018, Italy will no longer issue the two smallest euro denominations. While the 1- and 2-eurocents will continue to be legal tender, prices paid in cash will be rounded. more ]

Money laundering by order of the government

What does a country do when its banknotes last less than a year but they do not want to keep printing new ones? Wash and iron the old ones. By doing so, the U.S. Treasury Department saved several hundreds of thousands of dollars of production costs around 1910. more ]

Vienna research project on Joseph Eckhel’s Austrian precursors

A three-year project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences focuses on the numismatic networks of Joseph Eckhel’s precursors. The project’s core is a body of letters of Erasmus Frölich and Joseph Khell von Khellburg in the Vienna Coin Cabinet, to be published also in a database. more ]

Whitman Publishing Releases New Gold “Toolkit”

Whitman Publishing has released the 2nd edition of “GOLD: Everything You Need to Know to Buy and Sell Today”, by Jeff Garrett and Q. David Bowers. It informs bullion buyers, investors and newcomers about history, market trends and coins – past and present. more ]

Royal Mint bullion achieves Shari’ah Standard on Gold compliance

The Royal Mint becomes the world’s first mint to achieve compliance with the Shari’ah Standard on Gold for its bullion products. Royal Mint bullion will thus become accessible to a wide variety of investors when Islamic investment is rapidly growing worldwide. more ]

Finland commemorates 100 years of independence

On June 1, 2017 2.5 million commemorative 2 Euro coins were released to commemorate 100 years of Finnish independence. more ]

Winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2016

Japan Mint has announced the winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2016. The objective of the competition is to encourage creativity and enhance the artistry of coin designs. You can find here the complete list of winners. more ]

Giant Krugerrand for the Jubilee Year

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the world’s most popular and best-selling investment coin, the South African Krugerrand, has been manufactured for the first time in extraordinary weight units and in various precious metals. more ]

ANS repatriates coins to Austrian Museum

In 1995 the American Numismatic Society acquired 94 coins which were rumored to have come from a museum in Austria in 1945. In the meantime the rightful owner was proved, and the coins were repatriated end of May. more ]

To Spain! Part 6: The Sistine Chapel of the Neolithic Age?

Cueva de los Letreros is occasionally referred to as the Sistine Chapel of the Neolithic Age. Whether or not it really is you can find out in this episode. Also: Where the best olive oil in Spain is made, and where people still live in caves today. more ]

Report on UNESCO 1970 Conference in Paris 2017

On May 15-16, 2017, the fourth meeting of the state parties to the 1970 UNESCO Convention took place in Paris. Representing The International Federation of Dealer Associations CINOA, IADAA chairman Vincent Geerling attended the meeting. Here is his report. more ]

A must-have for every library on the Middle Ages

Still in 2016, the long-awaited fourth volume of the comprehensive standard work on “Medieval European Coinage” has been published. It deals with Northern Italy. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

KNIR organizes course on coins and identity

Under the title ‘Cities, Emperors and Popes: Coinage and the construction of identity in Antiquity and the Early modern period’, the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome will host a course in October 2017. (R)MA and PhD students are invited to apply until July 1, 2017. more ]

Exotic Butterflies – Aporia crataegi

For Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust adorns the seventh issue in its successful Exotic Butterflies series with a true-to-life specimen of the black-veined white. This makes the series, which was issued by a different country every year, complete. It is the last issue in the series. more ]

NGC Certifies Dramatic New Kennedy Half Dollar Variety

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® has certified a newly discovered variety for the popular Kennedy Half Dollar series. Thorough investigation brought to light that the proof coin revealed one style of mintmark punched over another. more ]

Bükk National Park – Coin IV in the National Parks of Hungary series

The fourth coin in the series ‘National Parks in Hungary’ marks the 40th anniversary of the Bükk National Park’s foundation. Hungary’s Magyar Nemzeti Bank issues a 10,000-forint silver and a 2,000-forint non-ferrous coin in 2017. more ]

Egypt punishes illicit trade in antiquities with life imprisonment

The Egyptian cabinet approves a tightening of the law on the illicit trade in ancient objects. With a sentence of life in prison, it stands alongside the leaking of state secrets. Therewith, the Land on the Nile hopes to guard its cultural property more properly. more ]

To Spain! Part 5: The New Carthage

160,000 coins, a few ancient wrecks, a garum factory, and two Carthaginian trade metropolises, all that is only a few hours’ drive away from Lorca. Not to mention that Lorca itself calls a magnificent parador its own. more ]

Chinese coins from a scholar’s study at the Ashmolean

“Chinese coins from the scholar’s study” is a new exhibition at the Money Gallery in the Ashmolean Museum. This special display presents Chinese antiquarian taste for coin collecting and is open until September 24th, 2017. more ]

Hoards in Syria

Frédérique Duyrat has published a weighty monograph on hoards in Syria. It is more than a numismatic study. The author asks the fundamental question how and when all the Syrian coins were incorporated into Western collections. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

James Earl Jones Coin Collecting Video Free on PNG YouTube Channel

The Professional Numismatists Guild has uploaded the award-winning video “Money: History in Your Hands” on its new YouTube channel. Narrated by acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, it gives advice about buying, storing and selling numismatic items and bullion for everyone. more ]

New issues of Lithuanian Labyrinth coin series

On behalf of Armenia, The Lithuanian Mint releases two additions to its silver coin series “The Labyrinths of the World”. Devoted to the Barcelona Labyrinth and Masone Labyrinth near Parma, they are equipped with a gilded ball running through the maze’s trails. more ]

World Banknote Summit 2017

The 2017 World Banknote Summit took place in Basel. Participants benefited from “firsts” and took advantage of the more intimate Conference environment to meet and work with industry peers. Planning is already underway for the 2018 Summit in Frankfurt. more ]

Games of the Small States of Europe in San Marino

San Marino has issued a 5 euro silver collector coin in proof dedicated to the 17th edition of the “Games of the Small States of Europe San Marino 2017”. more ]

Ships on Coins and Medals

Do you also dream of circumventing the world numismatically? Then this film about ships on coins and medals is just the right remedy for your wanderlust. The shown specimens will be offered at the Künker Summer Auction Sale. more ]

British Museum podcast shows how to deface a coin

In a British Museum podcast episode Tom Hockenhull, curator of Modern money, discussed the phenomenon of counterstamping coins during the British suffragette movement for publicity. He also demonstrates the counterstamping process in action! more ]

The War of the Spanish Succession

On November 1, 1700 the childless King of Spain died. The fight for his empire was the reason for the War of the Spanish Succession. This film will tell you its history using coins and medals from that period. more ]

William Goetzmann on “Money Changes Everything”

In a lecture at the Museum of American Finance financial historian William Goetzmann argued that development of finance has made the growth of civilizations possible. You can now watch the lecture on video. more ]

Coins and Medals of the Popes

Coins and medals of the Popes are popular among collectors all over the world. A little film explains several papal symbols and summarizes the history of modern papacy using coins and medals. more ]

David Hendin presents coins from the Jewish War

David Hendin is Adjunct Curator for the American Numismatic Society and an expert in ancient Jewish coins. In a video for the ‘Ancient Jew Review’ he gives a brief history of the war and presents some of the Jewish coins minted during this period. more ]

Money in Ancient Rome

Republic, Senate, Dictator, we all know what these terms do mean. And we tend to transfer the modern interpretation to Ancient Rome. Nevertheless, then politics was completely different. What it did look like, you will learn in this PDF slideshow series. more ]

Coins and Medals from Regensburg

The Rudolf Spitzner Collection of coins and medals from Regensburg features numismatic items ranging from medieval pfennigs to convention talers of the last prince-bishop of Regensburg. A film presents some of the numerous numismatic rarities. more ]

Russian Medals: Peter the Great of Russia

Did you ever ask yourself why there are so many medals of Peter the Great? This fact has to be credited to Catherine the Great. And if you want to know why, you should have a look at this Künker Podcast. more ]

The Principality of Transylvania

In their Summer Auction 2015 auction house Künker offered some extraordinary gold pieces. A film tells you the history full of conflicts of Count Dracula’s Transsylvania following these coins. more ]

Coins of the Roman Republic

In the Spring Auction 259-262 auction house Künker sold a special collection Roman Republic on March, 9th 2015. On that occasion Künker has prepared a little movie that gives you historical information on some of the intriguing coinages. more ]

The First Gold Coins of the United States

A selection of extremely rare, early private gold dollars of the American gold fields was part of the Künker’s Berlin-Auction 258 on January, 29th, 2015. This film narrates the gripping story behind these coins. more ]

Mining Coins as Artifacts of State-of-the-Art Mining Technology

You have to know one or two things about the history of mining technology to fully understand the purpose of the various buildings and installations you see depicted on mining coins. This film helps you. Join us in our descent into a numismatic mine! more ]