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What shall US government do with the cent?

The BBC Magazine published an article on what to do with the American cent. Should it be abolished? Should it be scrapped? How much identity is connected with the smallest coin? more ]

Coins too similar are a problem

Counterfeit Japanese 500-yen coins have been in the news recently, this being a continuing problem due to the high purchasing power of the coin. The 1982 to 2000 coin make a good case study in why mints need to ensure a coin about to be introduced to circulation isn’t too similar to another coin already in use. more ]

Should the USA introduce a one dollar coin?

Swedish journalist Stefan Karlsson reflects on why the USA do not substitute their one dollar banknote with a coin. It could save a lot of money but, as he argues, emotional reasons stand behind this decision. more ]

US Congress hears Royal Canadian Mint on $1 success

During a hearing before US Congress members Beverley Lepine, the Royal Canadian Mint’s chief operating officer, explained how Canada changed smoothly from $1 and $2 bills to coins. This might be a model for the shift from the American $1 bill to the $1 coin. more ]

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