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The Swedish Emergency Money of Freiherr von Görtz

Once upon a time, high in the North, there was a fairytale king – or almost, since only the beginning of his story sounds like a fairytale. Fighting all alone against overpowering enemies, Charles XII, the puerile King of Sweden, managed to ... more ]

A Nordic heavy weight: the second heaviest coin of Classical numismatics

Almost 15 kilograms, as much as 4 bricks – that is the weight of the second heaviest coin of Classical numismatics, this Swedish copper plate of 8 taler. It was issued in 1659... more ]

The Battle of Poltava and a medal of Peter the Great

Once upon a time, there were two boozing companions hatching a plot how to deprive a juvenile of a part of his inheritance. What sounds like a perfect scenario for a Dickens novel can turn out tragic for entire peoples with the two buddies fond of tippling happen to rule Russia and Poland… more ]

The lion from the north - triumphator in life as well as in death

On March 13, sale no. 247 of Osnabrück auction house Künker offers the Baums Collection featuring historical medals. The connoisseur discovers many historically interesting, artistically enchanting medals, like a piece that was created by Sebastian Dadler on the occasion of the funeral of Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden at Riddarholm Church. more ]

The man who rescued two Nobel Prize Medals from the Nazis by dispersing them

George Charles de Hevesy is known as the man who rescued two Nobel Price Medals dedicated to his fellow physicists from the Nazis by dissolving them in a solution of "aqua regia". He was decorated with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry himself in 1944. This medal and three further decorations of him will by sold by Morton & Eden on November 23, 2017. more ]

Theodor Mommsen's Nobel Prize to appear at auction

Heritage Auctions will offer the 1902 Nobel Prize for Advancement in Literature in New York on January 7-8, 2017. Estimated to fetch $300,000, it is the medal that was awarded to “the greatest living master of the art of historical writing,” Theodor Mommsen. more ]

Stir over alleged Mommsen medal

It was to be a highlight at Heritage’s upcoming New York Auction in January 2018: Theodor Mommsen’s Nobel Prize medal for Literature. Then it turned out: the original is being kept in an archive. A counterfeit? Fraud? The issue is not that simple. more ]

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