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Christians fight against Christians with the assistance of the Turks

It is an unspectacular coin, that testimony of the culminating conflict between France and Spain, between Francis I and Charles V. ... more ]

Sensation at 5 Centimes in Le Petit Journal

The 1896 share certificate of the newspaper Le Petit Journal shows a sou in the lower border. France counted about 40 million people around that time... more ]

From Pavia to the Sack of Rome – siege coins in Italy

Why was it that Renaissance rulers went to Italy to seek good fortune? Why was it that thousands of ducats and thaler were spent on mercenary soldiers? This article gives an insight into the war between Francis I of France and Charles V of Italy... more ]

Between Germany and France: A story about the fortress of Philippsburg

On June 20, 2011, Künker’s will auction a thaler of Christoph of Soetern of utmost rarity struck in honor of Udenheim. The coin was issued just after the fortress had been completed, only some weeks before it was renamed in Philippsburg. Here’s the story about the man, the coin and the fortress... more ]

Cochin-China – an almost forgotten episode of French history

On June 22, 2011, a big collection of French coins will be auctioned off at Künker’s including a rare pattern, which was produced in Paris for the French colony Cochin-China. What’s the story behind? And where is Cochin-China located anyway? more ]

Elizabeth I – Ruler of the Seven Seas

The Virgin Queen she was called by her contemporaries – and she made them tremble. Elizabeth I was a key figure of the 16th century, her navy controlled the oceans, England flourished.
By examining 12 coins we are going to stroll through Great Britain’s history – this is part 7. more ]

Freedom for Algeria – The Fate of Abd el-Kader

Standing in the middle of the Château d’Amboise garden on the Loire is a Muslim cemetery from the 19th century. Here, the followers of Algerian freedom fighter Abd el-Kader were buried with honour. What brought them to this place is a story that begs telling. more ]

A Numismatic Relic from the Piedmont Civil War

On November 28, 2012, a very special coin goes on the market at Numismatica Genevensis. The coin in question, estimated at 150,000 francs, is a gold coin in the value of 10 écus whose front depicts the young Prince Charles-Emanuel II of Savoy as well as the stern face of his mother. The following will provide you with a bit more detail as to the background of this rare specimen. more ]

Union et Force: A coin of the French Republic, minted under Napoleon

On February 4th, 2016, Künker will offer a French 5 franc gold pattern of year 10 for sale. The type can be traced back to the French Directory and it was only changed when Napoleon was certain of his power. more ]

Napoleon tames the Saxon Steed

Napoleon was a master in the art of humiliation. Please find here a characteristic example of his mastership: The French Victoria is taming the Saxon Steed on a medal made from Saxon silver. more ]

Gold hoard found in French cellar

A French couple has found a hoard of gold coins worth at least 100,000 euros (GBP 89,000; USD 140,000) in the cellar of their home in the town of Millau. The coins date from 1595 to the French Revolution... more ]

Interview with Claude Fayette, important collector of French banknotes

Claude Fayette, collector of French banknotes and author of the book “Les billets de la Banque de France”, has given an interview about some questions on the enjoyment of collectors. more ]

The Napoleonic era as mirrored in its medals

From 19 February to 28 June 2015 the Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz presents the exhibition “The Napoleonic era as mirrored in its medals”. Highlight of the exhibition is a leather casing with over 130 bronze medals featuring the medal history of the Emperor. more ]

Victoria and Albert Museum’s Europe 1600-1815 galleries open to the public

The installation of nearly 1,100 objects has completed as the London V&A opens its new galleries dedicated to the arts of living in Europe between 1600 and 1815. Seven galleries show the Museum’s unrivalled collection of 17th- and 18th-century European art and design. more ]

CGB offers “Le Franc Poche”

In 2016, the French coin guide book “Le Franc” celebrated its 20th anniversary. CGB is offering a new updated version that’s both handy and accessible to a broader audience, titled “Le Franc Poche”. more ]

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