Flynn, Henry

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Numismatist and Curator

Henry Flynn (*1983) studied Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Warwick, graduating in 2004, and obtained a Master’s (MA City of Rome) at the University of Reading in 2005. This course involved studying in Rome itself for two months.

In 2006 he started his journey in the world of museums by volunteering at National Museums Liverpool. He was given a job as an admin assistant there in the same year, and became an admin officer in 2007, but then left Liverpool to work for the British Museum. Since then he has been working as an Assistant Collection Manager in the Department of Coins and Medals and has curated, co-curated or project managed several exhibitions, including one on the medals of Louis XIV: “Triumph and disaster: medals of the Sun King”, working with guest-curator Sir Mark Jones.

Since 2013, Henry Flynn has had an additional position at the British Museum. He’s Project Curator for the Money and Medals Network (MMN). In this position he’s developing a network of British museums with numismatic collections (so far more than 180). He creates a detailed index of these museums, which is updated constantly, and publishes it on the MMN’s website. He curated a British Museum exhibition about the Network in 2018. Henry Flynn travels a lot for this job, especially because he also coordinates the successful MMN training programme and talks about it in lectures and presentations. The programme aims at providing curators and volunteers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with information on best practice relating to the storage, documentation and display of their collections. Furthermore, Henry Flynn is the one to contact in case MMN members seek advice on curating their collections.

Henry Flynn is currently one of the Secretaries of the Royal Numismatic Society’s Council.


You can contact Henry Flynn via email.

Or by means of his LinkedIn profile.

See Henry live in these two episodes of the British Museum’s “Curator’s Corner”:



In an exhibition at the British Museum, Henry Flynn presented his project of creating a map of Great Britain’s numismatic collections.

Henry Flynn told more about his career and his work in an interview.

Here you can visit the website of the Money and Medals Network.

Have a look at this interactive map, it shows English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish museums with numismatic collections.

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