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Roman Gold a Buying Opportunity? CNG’s Market Report Spring 2019

Michael Gasvoda of Classical Numismatic Group gives in CNG’s Spring Classical Market Report a review of the state of the classical numismatic market as he sees it. Is Roman gold a buying opportunity or better go for pedigreed Greek coins? Read it here.

Chic and Practical – The Art of the Coin Purse

The new exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris Museum, is dedicated to an item essential to the circulation of money – the coin purse. The exhibition retraces the history of the purse which, literally, has been carrying coins from antiquity to the present day.

Croatia Celebrates the Kuna

The selection of the name for the post-independence Croatian currency in the early 1990s was surrounded by controversies. In a new special exhibition at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, visitors can explore the fascinating history of the country’s coins and banknotes.

“Le Franc” – an encyclopedia of French modern numismatics

“Le Franc” is a collaborative work of French and foreign collectors, researchers and numismatists and contains over 1150 pages of history of French modern numismatics. This project was made possible by the recent digitization of over 100,000 archive pages of the Monnaie de Paris.

2020 CSNS Convention Updates

Coin dealers and collectors can find the latest information about the CSNS 81st Anniversary Convention here. Clubs and organizations are invited to hold membership meetings in conjunction with the convention and hotel reservations are now accepted.

NGC Upgrades Mobile App with NGC Registry and Other Exciting Features

NGC® has announced significant updates to its NGC mobile app as e.g. the app now incorporates the NGC Registry, a powerful online platform where collectors register and display their NGC-certified coins and compete against other collectors around the world for recognition and prizes.

Close to 170,000 Jobs in the European Union Depend on the Production of Coins

For the first time a study investigated on what effects the production of coins has on the economy and employment of the European Union. Result: 169,900 people have jobs that are directly or indirectly linked to coin production.

Henk Schiffmacher designs own anniversary medal

The world renowned Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the business. The Royal Dutch Mint is honouring the artist with the Henk Schiffmacher coin, based on his own artistic design.

25 years of constitutional democracy in South Africa with new collectable coins

South Africa’s 25 young years as a constitutional democracy is the subject of the South African Mint Company’s ‘SA25 – Celebrating South Africa’ coin series, which commemorates the rights and freedoms espoused by South Africa’s Constitution.

Hornby Island, BC Trade Token: Year 2

Located off the coast of British Columbia, Hornby Island is a place of fascinating cultural and natural heritage. In honor of this island and an effort to enhance their local commerce and fundraising opportunities, a new token as now been released.

Goldkammer Frankfurt: A New State-of-the-Art Museum

Europe’s new state-of-the-art museum Goldkammer Frankfurt is now open. Visitors can discover the art and history of gold in many ways walking through underground treasure rooms enriched with digital experiences

The Global Art Market Report 2019

Art Basel and UBS present their annual global art market analysis, covering all aspects of the international market and highlighting the most important developments of the previous year.

“Money and Books” in Padua

An exhibition in Padua presents a rich selection of the most significant numismatic books printed in Italy and Europe from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century highlighting the rediscovery of classical antiquity conveyed through the exchange and study of Roman coins.

IAPN votes in Daniel Frank Sedwick as President

Daniel Frank Sedwick has been sworn in as president of the International Association of Professional Numismatists. His new term began during the annual IAPN congress held May 13-15 in Carefree, Arizona. Former president Arne Kirsch has been nominated honorary president.

Conference: James Loeb – The Collector and Connoisseur

The Conference “James Loeb – The Collector and Connoisseur” will take place on the 7th and 8th June 2019 in Munich. International experts will hold lectures on James Loeb’s collection of antiques, his historical legacy, impact, and contemporary relevance.

Teutoburger organizes their live bidding via Numissearch

The Teutoburger Münzauktion specializes in Southeast Asia and China. It is no surprise that Volker Wolframm opts for the Numissearch platform when it comes to live bidding. On Numissearch, every step of the bidding process is possible in the Chinese language.

New 100 and 200 euro banknotes in circulation

The new €100 and €200 banknotes, the last notes in the Europa series, have started circulating on 28 May 2019. The banknotes use new and innovative security features and are easy to check using the “feel, look and tilt” method.

IACA Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins

The International Association for Currency Affairs has opened nominations for the Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins. The deadline for nominations is 30 June 2019.

Crystal Skull – Luna de Sangre Speaks of Apocalypse

Crystal Skull is back – with the ominous Luna de Sangre issue. Centerpiece of the coin designed by CIT Coin Invest AG on behalf of Equatorial Guinea is a metallic blue, skull shaped Swarovski crystal superimposed on a blood moon.

World famous detective Sherlock Holmes to be commemorated on UK coin

With a commemorative 50p the Royal Mint celebrates the 160 years since the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. It will feature a design which requires a magnifying glass to read.

Penultimate Coin in Series of the Big Five Features the Sleek Leopard

Pobjoy Mint has released the fourth coin in the popular series of five featuring the Big Five African Animals. The penultimate coin features the majestic Leopard and is issued on behalf of Sierra Leone.

The Manifold World of Challenge Coins

Tokens to maintain the morale during a government shutdown and medals of intercultural friendship – Challenge Coins tell many moving stories. Some have been compiled in books and others can be purchased for a song in shops in the Middle East. Here is the latest from the world of Challenge Coins.

ANA Board of Governors Election is Live

Every two years, the terms of all American Numismatic Association elected officials expire. Find here the nominations for the ANA’s 2019 election of officers. Members can either vote via mail or online using an eBallot.

Women Candidates’ presentation for ANA election

Among the readers and supporters of CoinsWeekly are two women who are running for the ANA election. Here are the reasons why they think it makes sense to vote for them.

Kansas Governor Signs Bill Providing Sales-Tax Exemption

Kansas has joined 38 other U.S. states with a sales-tax exemption on sales of gold and silver coins as well as all gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion. Both dealers and collectors had previous championed the cause for many years.

The medals of Erminio Varisco

The Vatican Numismatic Cabinet has added a series of exciting contemporary medals to its collections: Erminio Varisco’s widow entrusted curator Eleonora Giampiccolo with her husband’s estate, which is presented in this catalog. Ursula Kampmann has had a look through it.

Symposium in Athens examines economy of the sacred

The Belgian School at Athens will host the symposium “Coins for the Gods, coins for the merchants – Economy of the sacred compared to the economy of profane” from October 24-26, 2019. This is their call for papers.

The Winners of the 2018 International Coin Design Competition

For 20 years Japan Mint has been holding their international competition for coin engravers. This year a design from Poland was honored as most excellent work. For all engravers who did not participate this year: Find here the details for your participation in the next contest.

Canadian circulation coin honours Canadians who fought at D-Day

The Royal Canadian Mint is launching a $2 circulation coin honouring the Canadians who, landing in Normandy, France 75 years ago, helped establish the Allied foothold that would lead to the liberation of Western Europe.

Mutiny and Rebellion in Australia

Angry mutinous sailors, a dramatic military coup, and a miners’ uprising – these are some of the key moments of Australian history. The Royal Australian Mint has launched the first coins in a series commemorating the country’s tempestuous colonial era.

Happy 70th Birthday – In Honor of Fritz Rudolf Künker

Few people have had such a lasting impact on post-war coin trade in Germany like Fritz Rudolf Künker. Starting out as a one-man business, Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG would grow into one of the largest numismatic companies in the world. On 21 May 2019, “K1” is turning 70. Ursula Kampmann is honoring him with the following text.

The ANS offers its congratulations on Fritz Rudolf Künker’s birthday

Ute Wartenberg-Kagan offers her congratulations on the occasion of Fritz Rudolf Künker’s birthday. She acknowledges him as the person that has done most on an international level to restore the tradition of the German scholar-dealer that World War II interrupted.

Crisis and Innovation in the 1920s

The 1920s was a time of unprecedented change. In a new exhibition, the Fitzwilliam Museum tells the story of simultaneous prosperity and artistic innovation as well as political and economic crisis in Europe and America through coins, medals and banknotes.

ANS Presents Roman Republican Die Project

The Roman Republican Die Project aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production under the Roman Republic. The first two parts of this project have been generously funded by the Arete Foundation.

The Hobby and the Market – A Guide to Coin Collecting

The second edition of Robert W. Shippee’s popular book “Pleasure and Profit” has been published. Dennis Tucker has taken a look at the unique work, which remains an insightful guide to building a coin collection and investing in coins intelligently.

Symposium “Lord Stewartby – The Numismatic Legacy”

The British Numismatic Society’s 2019 Summer meeting on the academic legacy of Lord Stewartby, a distinguished member of the society, is being held in London on Friday 28 June.

New Kazakhstan Coins Feature Latin-Based Alphabet

As Kazakhstan continues its national project of transitioning to the Latin alphabet, the National Bank has announced a new version of circulation coins reflecting this change. The move is seen as an effort to distance the country from Russian influence and the Soviet era.

Registration now open for World Banknote Summit 2020

Registration for the World Banknote Summit 2020 in Prague is now open. The third edition will be offering learning and networking opportunities in a familiar environment: topics will address practical issues related to banknote design, production and circulation management.

14 Indigenous Translations of “Coin”

In cooperation with the AIATSIS, the Royal Australian Mint has released a new 50 cent coin dedicated to the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The pieces feature the word coin in various indigenous languages still spoken in Australia today.

Prehistoric Beasts – Protoceratops andrewsi

CIT Coin Invest AG has designed on behalf of Mongolia a new issue in their Prehistoric Beasts series dedicated to Protoceratops. A special technique allows for the surface to resemble sandy rocks, a material in which a famous fossile of Protoceratops was found.

EU adopts new regulations on import licensing for cultural property

The European Union has passed its proposals for the import licensing of cultural property – unfortunately taking a big step backwards in the process. IADAA continues to argue that the measures fail to meet the EU’s own standards of proportionality.

A Gigliato of Francesco I Gattilusio

He was a pirate from Genoa and his life could be the topic of any Hollywood romance: He rescued the Byzantine emperor, was rewarded with the rule over an island and married a princess. Written sources tell us that Francesco also struck coins. It is the second specimen of a gigliato only that will be sold at auction next week.

The British Numismatic Trade Association warns of fraudulent trio

A fraudulent trio, that specifically targets numismatic dealerships, currently travels through Great Britain. They specialize in bullion coins and claim to need them for the manufacture of jewelry.

Heritage Auctions sells most expensive Kennedy Half Dollar

The highest priced Kennedy half dollar was auctioned on April 25, 2019. Since its introduction in 1964 several billions of this coin type have been minted. We will tell you why the most expensive Kennedy half dollar was so special.

The Gold Coins of Belgium

Hugo Vanhoudt has published a detailed book on Belgian gold coins. It provides a complete overview of all the gold coins produced on the territory of present-day Belgium from the Celts to 2019. John Saunders presents the important work here.

Central States Convention Expands Focus of Bourse Area

Beginning in 2020 the CSNS convention will include the National Currency Convention as an official part. For 34 years the Professional Currency Dealers Association has held it as a free standing event.

New 20 Rupee Banknotes Join Second “Mahatma” Series

The Reserve Bank of India have announced they will shortly issue the much anticipated 20 Rupee banknote. Hence, the country is coming closer to completing their second series portraying Mahatma Ghandi on the obverse and sites of cultural importance on the reverse.

Royal Canadian Mint releases 2018 financial results

The Royal Canadian Mint has released its 2018 financial results, which provide insight into its activities, the markets influencing its businesses and its expectations for the year ahead.

Crocodiles from Switzerland

The famous electric locomotives, also known as “Crocodiles”, celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. The Swissmint has dedicated a gold commemorative coin to this marvel of Swiss technology.

350th Anniversary of Samuel Pepys’ Final Diary Entry

One of the world’s most famous diarists, Samuel Pepys, is honoured by The Royal Mint with a commemorative coin. He contributed decisively to the understanding of the history of the seventeenth century, ranging from the Great Fire of London to the Plague.

Sixbid informs about fraud attempts to bidders

The world’s largest auction platform for coins, Sixbid, informs its users that scammers send fake invoices to Sixbid bidders. These are easy to unmask as soon as you know what to look for. Sixbid asks anyone who has received such an email, to forward it to Sixbid to help criminal prosecution.

To Spain! Part 10: Ronda – the home of bullfighting

We actually wanted to go to Gibraltar. Find out why we went to Ronda – named “Arunda” by the Romans – instead, and why this city nestled in the mountains is considered the home of bullfighting in this part of “To Spain!”.

Armed robbery at Hallenbeck Coin Gallery

On Friday, 3 May 2019, an armed man attacked Hallenbeck Coin Gallery, a numismatic dealership in Colorado Springs. There’s still no trace of the robber.

A Brief History of the Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars

It is a coin that sparks the imagination. Once it entered the American consciousness it never left: the Morgan Silver Dollar. An updated edition of Q. David Bowers’s Guide Book has now been released. Dennis Tucker tells you more about the book’s history in this article.

Numismatic Conference in Slovakia

The international conference “Numismatica Centroeuropaea IV” titled “War and Peace in the History of Money” will take place in September 2019. Participants have to sign up by June 30th; presentation abstracts must be submitted by July 31st.

MA-Shops opens its first U.S. office

Numismatic marketplace MA-Shops.com has opened its first U.S. office. MA-Shops aims at strengthening its capacity to connect U.S. buyers and sellers with its well established European market.

Heritage sells memorabilia from the possession of the Armstrong Family

Matching the jubilee of the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, the second part of the Armstrong Family Collection will be sold by Heritage. It is entirely certified by Collectibles Authentication Guaranty.

Riksbank Proposes Review of Concept of Legal Tender

The Swedish National Bank has voiced concerns about the future efficiency of the payment systems as we know it. It has therefore proposed the establishment of a committee to review the concept of legal tender and the role of central bank money in digitalized economies.

A Highlight of Swiss Space Research

The Swissmint commemorates the first moon landing 50 years ago with a new silver coin. The University of Bern participated in the mission with an experiment: Before the astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin hoisted the American flag on the moon, he first hung up a Swiss solar sail.

Pobjoy mints Emperor Penguin in Blue Titanium

Pobjoy Mint has issued a coin dedicated to the Emperor Penguin. On behalf of the British Antarctic Territory the collector coin is minted in blue titanium and as the metal reacts differently with every strike, each coin is technically different and varies slightly in colour.

To Spain! Part 9: Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is not exactly known for its historical / archeological / numismatic highlights. Which is a mistake. For not only the ancient Roman town Baelo Claudia lies here. Near the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the most crucial naval battles of the 19th century took place: the Battle of Trafalgar.

Early 19th-Century Photography Featuring Famous Monuments

Tourists standing in the middle of a huge crowd flocking to one of the UNESCO sites might wonder what travelling was like in the 19th century. Incredible daguerreotypes of Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey offer an answer at the Metropolitan Museum.

Kelsey Museum Explores the Colorfulness of the Roman World

Roman art and architecture were much more than white marble and grey stone. In the exhibition “Ancient Color”, The Kelsey Museum of Archeology takes a closer look at the vibrant world of color in Rome.

Specialized Catalog of Coins from the Republic of Ragusa

Zlatko Viscevic has compiled an extensive catalog specialized in the minting of the Republic of Ragusa, which features extremely detailed descriptions and valuations for all varieties. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it.

China International Coin Expo in Beijing

The China International Coin Expo (CICE) is held in three cities annually: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The next one will take place in China’s capital from May 17th-19th, 2019.

Young Numismatists Wanted!

The Royal Numismatic Society offers a great opportunity for students or early scholars of numismatics. Anyone interested in promoting their work to a wider audience is encouraged to give a lecture to RNS members in February 2020. The deadline for submissions is May 20, 2019.

New Banknotes and Coins to Usher in the Era of Reiwa

As Japan welcomed a new Emperor and a new Imperial era on May 1st, 2019, the country’s currency will reflect this change from 2021 on. 3D holograms on banknotes and the coins’ bi-metallic composition are just a few of the numerous updates we can expect.

Belgium Remembers Audrey Hepburn

On May 4, 2019 Audrey Hepburn, ‘la Grande Dame’ of the silver screen, would have turned 90 years old. To commemorate her 90th birthday, the Royal Mint of Belgium is issuing a 25 euro commemorative coin in pure gold.

CIT’s New Evolution Coin: Pterosaur

CIT Coin Invest AG has designed a new issue as part of their Evolution of Life series on behalf of Mongolia that is dedicated to the Pterosaur - the “flying dinosaurs” as they are generally called. The coin is minted in silver with antique finish, and in gold.

Michigan Coin Shop Up in Flames

A case of burglary and arson are currently investigated in the small town of Tecumseh, Michigan. The store Tecumseh Coins was completely destroyed by the flames and the coin safes inside were found opened. Did the burglars deliberately set the store on fire to cover up their tracks?

The Most Expensive Share Sold in 2018

What was the highest priced scripophily sale at auction in 2018? Was it an American stock certificate or maybe a Chinese government bond? None of these, says Franky Leeuwerck. It was a French share and it was sold in Boone's 60th Auction, at Antwerp on April 14, 2018.

Interpol Removes Misleading Information on Illicit Trade in Cultural Property

Interpol has launched its new website. There is an interesting development: Baseless statements on the importance of illicit trade in cultural property were removed. This is important as these statements have been used in political argumentation.

Playing with Money

Lego, Games of Thrones and Monopoly are just a few games where toy money is used. The new exhibition “Playing with Money: Currency and Games” at the British Museum explores how we understand money and economics through board games, toys and gambling.

Updated Edition of “Curious Currency” Available

The updated and revised second edition of Robert Leonard’s “Curious Currency” has just been published. Join the author on a journey back in time and around the world to explore the immense array of items used as money from the Stone Age to today’s digital era.

CCG Announces Major Initiatives in India

Peacock Bloom has been appointed an Official Submission Center to NGC, NCS and PMG in India. This is CCG’s first major effort to serve collectors and dealers there. PMG will conduct its first on-site grading event in Chennai in June of 2019.

Markus Schlein as New CEO of Sack & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Sack & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH has announced that the shareholders’ meeting appointed Markus Schlein the new CEO.

Official Krugerrand Website Online

The official “Krugerrand” website has been launched offering a vast array of information for collectors, dealers and investors alike.

Elephant Starts Off “Big Five” Series

With its new “Big Five” series, the South African Mint celebrates Africa’s unique natural heritage. The strength and beauty of the lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo are embodied on fine-silver coins. The coins are scheduled to launch biannually.

Old Town of Ávila on Spanish 2-Euro Commemorative Coin

Since 2010, the Spanish Royal Mint has been issuing 2-euro commemorative coins dedicated to the Spanish sites recognized in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The latest one to be added in 2019 is the Old Town of Ávila with its Extra-Muros Churches.

New Medal in Honor of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

A medal designed by Eugene Daub honoring Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise has been released. It is the 50th one to be added to the Jewish-American Hall of Fame Series. Isaac Mayer Wise was an important Reform Rabbi and author of numerous theological works, essays and novels.

Where Dealers Meet: The Hong Kong Coin Show

There is only a time span of one week and a four-hour flight that separates them: following the Singapore International Coin Fair, the Hong Kong Coin Show took place on the last weekend of March. Ursula Kampmann also visited the coin convention in Hong Kong.

Money, Image and Power in Tudor and Stuart England

The new exhibition “Making a Nation” at the Fitzwilliam Museum allows visitors to explore the historic journey from medieval England to the United Kingdom. The major dynastic, political and cultural changes are traced through 250 years of coins and medals.

The First Dated Islamic Coin

We have already found the oldest Christian era dated coin and the oldest dated coin from Württemberg. Up next is the presumably first coin dated according to the Hijri calendar. The piece takes us to the south of today’s Iraq.

Coins and Medals of the English Civil War

The second edition of Edward Besly’s classic work on the coins and medals of the English civil war was published by Spink earlier this year. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it.

PNG Now Accepting 2019 Awards Nominations

Every year the PNG publicly recognizes outstanding achievements in the hobby and the profession by honoring deserving recipients with awards in a half-dozen categories. Award nominations for 2019 must be made by May 31, 2019.

NGC Named Official Grading Service of Sixbid

It’s almost impossible to imagine the world of coin collectors without the grading company NGC and the auction platform Sixbid. NGC has now been named the Official Grading Service of Sixbid. This step further strengthens the collaboration between the two companies.

Uzbekistan Release New 100,000 Som Banknote

As Uzbekistan introduce new 100,000 Som banknotes, the move is seen as alleviating the crucial shortage of smaller denominated notes for daily cash transactions. The theme of the banknotes is dedicated to the Uzbek scientist Mirzo Ulugbek.

Albert Poggio Visits Pobjoy Mint

Albert Poggio of the Gibraltar National Mint visited the Pobjoy Mint in March to witness the production of coins commemorating the opening of the new Calpe House, a facility in London for sponsored patients sent from Gibraltar for medical treatment.

Vespa on il Tricolore Coins

The Italian Mint has issued a new silver 5 euro coin dedicated to the most famous Italian means of transportation: the Vespa. The pieces feature a colored depiction of the famous scooter in the three colors of the Italian flag respectively: green, white and red.

Anchor – Fair Winds

The latest piece of art by CIT Coin Invest AG is a lucky charm for all those who set out to conquer the Seven Seas. The silver coin has been issued on behalf of the Cook Islands and features an anchor - the oldest (lucky) symbol of seafaring.

Coin Fair Asian Style: The Singapore International Coin Fair

While the Western world’s coin fair organizers are having more and more difficulties, coin fairs in Asia are booming. Like for instance the Singapore International Coin Fair, which took place March 22-24, 2019. Ursula Kampmann visited it for you.

Defendant Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Coins

In April of 2018, a Minnesota federal grand jury returned a criminal indictment charging a 68-year-old man with five counts related to the sale of counterfeit coins and one count of mail fraud. The defendant has now pleaded guilty. He faces imprisonment and high fines.

The World’s First QR Coded Coin

We don’t have to go back in time very far to find this week’s CoinsWeekly Coin Record. This time, a European mint submitted a record claiming that they produced the first ever QR coded coins in 2011 – a true symbol of the smartphone age!

Scapegoat – An Exhibition on Crises and Human Fear

The exhibition Scapegoat at the National Museum Zurich examines collective violence against individuals, from antiquity to the present day. In this context it looks not only at social but also economic reasons.

The Ultimate Catalog of Norwegian Paper Money

Kjell William Riibe is not only the owner of Riibe Mynthandel. He is also an enthusiastic collector who published his enormous collection of Norwegian paper money in 2018. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the new standard reference work.

World Records and Special Collections Push Heritage to $826.4 Million in 2018

Heritage Auctions announced its total annual sales for 2018 surpassed $826 million, setting more than a dozen world record sales as total online sales increased for the fourth straight year. Nearly 60 percent of 2018 sales was transacted through the internet.

PMG Introduces CrossOver Service

As PCGS Currency abruptly ceased operations in early 2019, Paper Money Guaranty has now introduced a CrossOver service for notes that are still encapsulated in PCGS Currency holders. Collectors of banknotes can find instructions on how to use this service here.

Louisenthal Wins Regional Banknote of the Year Award

The Bulgarian 100 Levs note has won the award for “Regional Banknote of the Year” at the High Security Printing EMEA in Malta. Its security features were supplied by Louisenthal, a subsidiary of Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH.

Countdown to Coin Conference in Rome and Call for Papers

From October 14th-16th, 2019, the Coin Conference will take place in Rome. For all those who want to be among the speakers: Paper abstracts must be submitted by April 26, 2019.

New Issue of the rarest 50 p coin celebrating Kew Gardens

The Royal Mint continues the “50 years of the 50p celebration” with the introduction of a set of brilliant uncirculated coins. Among the coins featured in the set is the rarest 50 p coin ever struck: the Kew Gardens 50p of 2009.

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