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Money of the German Colonies

In 1871, after the great victory over France and the unification of the German Confederation in the German Empire, ambitious German businessmen thought that everything was possible. They saw their English colleagues earning the earth in the colonies and wanted to do just the same... more ]

Gold for Portugal

Portugaleser, that is how the magnificent large gold coins are called that were produced in Hamburg. But what do they have to do with Portugal? The answer lies in the route the African gold has taken in the Early Modern Times...
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Numismatic witnesses to Denmark’s colonial past

Künker auction sale no. 244, to be conducted on 6th February 2014, will present a couple of coins that bear witness to Denmark’s colonial past. The Danish merchants wanted their share of the wealth from the distant continents, too. And that is why these coins take us to present-day Ghana, to South India and into the Caribbean. more ]

A Numismatic History of Congo / Zaïre: 1887-1997

Richard K. LeVan has published a “Numismatic history of Congo/Zaïre” closing thus a gap and offering to collectors a thorough handbook on what coins were issued from 1887 by the Congo Free State under the Belgian King to the end of President Mobutu in 1997. more ]

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