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Innovation Charts

The upcoming MintWorld Compendium will be dedicated to ‘Innovations.’ Of these the last ten, twenty years have seen quite a lot. Please write us which innovations you consider most important. And if you have the feeling something is missing on the list, please feel free to drop a line. We will include a little bit of information on your favorites within the upcoming MintWorld Compendium. more ]

Giesecke & Devrient offers new mobile payment solutions in Brazil and Germany

Giesecke & Devrient is to provide a mobile payment solution that allows their customers with prepaid accounts to top up their credit directly on their cellphone using PayPal. O2 customers in Germany are now able to use their NFC-enabled smartphones to make contactless payments in all participating shops around the world. more ]

CoinTune™: Mint of Finland’s approach to coin authentication

Mint of Finland has recently presented CoinTune, their approach to metal coin authentication. CoinTune combines fundamental physics and advanced digital technologies increasing hence the number of reliable security features detected in coins. more ]

ON THE RECORD: The Royal Mint - Overcoming Market Challenges

The Royal Mint is one of the most renowned mints with a long history. Currency News spoke with its CEO Adam Lawrence what challenges the mint has to face and how it deals with them. We republish this interview here. more ]

10th Technical Forum at the World Money Fair in Berlin

For the tenth time, mints and supplying industry presented their latest products for minting, die production and controlling. The programme offered by 17 speakers was impressive. more ]

The Royal Mint wins ‘Wales Innovation Award 2013’ for iSIS

The Royal Mint has scooped The Wales Quality Centre’s prestigious Innovation Award 2013 for its revolutionary new high security coinage currency system iSIS. iSIS enables not just coins, but the whole cash cycle to be more secure. more ]

Shining the Future – Papers of MDC Mexico: Technical

From May 11 to 14, 2014, the Mints were meeting in Mexico. Here you find a short abstract of the papers given. Part III deals with the papers prepared by the Technical Committee. more ]

Circulating coins: security features and social responsibility

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on considerations on new security features and the social responsibility of companies. more ]

New app identifies counterfeit euro notes

A recently released smartphone app, developed by the Dutch Central Bank, now allows quick and easy checking if a euro note is genuine or counterfeit. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 1

It only takes a look at the numbers to see how important the World Money Fair’s Technical Forum, organised by Dieter Merkle and Thomas Hogenkamp, has become: 340 delegates from mints, the supplying industry, and central banks had come to attend. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 2

What’s new in coin minting? Held under the program of the World Money Fair, the Technical Forum provided the venue for experts to catch up. Please find short summaries of six presentations here. more ]

US Mint Conducts 2D Barcode Trials

The United States Mint is scheduled to conclude its data collection software and two-dimensional barcode trial. If the test results are positive, the Mint could benefit from an enhanced workflow in their die shops. more ]

CIT redefines high relief minting

Developed by Coin Invest Trust, the innovative smartminting© technology now allows the production of a new generation of coins. They set their own standard in terms of relief height and sharpness, three-dimensionality and wealth of detail. more ]

Louisenthal Showcases Security Technology in a Hologram Exhibition in Prien

The latest achievements in security features are being shown at an exhibition in Bavarian Prien. Here, the German currency printing experts Louisenthal will present their inventions in the fields of anti-counterfeit hologram and foil technologies. more ]

Technical Forum 2018

Like in the previous years, the World Money Fair provided a display of the newest innovations in coin technology. 12 representatives introduced their latest developments. Ursula Kampmann listened to them. more ]

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