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CoinsWeekly Coin Records

The world demands superlatives. Let’s give it superlatives. You and your company have a record to announce? Here, you will find out how to submit it. more ]

The Most Expensive Russian Coin – and Likewise the Most Expensive European Coin

The first CoinsWeekly Coin Record to be submitted is the most expensive Russian coin. It is also the most expensive European coin and was sold by the Swiss auction house Sincona in 2012.
more ]

The Largest Collection of Islamic Coins in Germany

Tübingen owns the largest collection of Islamic coins in Germany. It is believed to only be outnumbered by the Russian Hermitage in St Petersburg as well as the coin collection in Qatar. Most notably, the collection in Tübingen is organized systematically and is used for research purposes. more ]

The Heaviest (and Probably the Most Expensive) Coin in the World

The collection of CoinsWeekly Coin Records continues! This time, we present to you the heaviest coin in the world. It is the 2012 Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin which was made by the Perth Mint and weighs impressive 1,012 kilograms (2,231 pounds). more ]

The most expensive coin of Lüneburg

The next CoinsWeekly Coin Record has been announced and this time it is the most expensive coin of Lüneburg. The 10 ducat piece is an off-metal strike in gold of a jagdtaler and was made in 1620. It was sold by auction house Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger in Auction 333. more ]

The World’s Largest Number of Credit Hours per Week in Numismatic Studies

Of course, our CoinsWeekly Coin Records also include numismatic teaching and research. A university in Europe believes they offer the largest number of credit hours per week in numismatic studies. more ]

The Most Comprehensive Gold Bar Collection in the World

Gold bars are also included in CoinsWeekly’s Coin Records! The Degussa Goldhandel GmbH claims to possess the numerically largest collection of individual contemporary gold bars in the world: namely, the famous “Rothschild-Collection”. more ]

The Most Expensive Roman Coin

The next CoinsWeekly Coin Record to have been submitted is the presumably most expensive Roman coin. It sold for 2 million Swiss francs on December 3, 2008. more ]

The Longest-Running Series of Art Medals in the U.S.

Another CoinsWeekly Coin Record has been submitted! This time, it is the longest-running series of art medals in the United States, possibly in the whole world. The renowned series was founded in 1969. more ]

The World’s Most Expensive Japanese Gold Coin

CoinsWeekly Coin Records have arrived in Asia. Hess Divo AG believes they have sold the most expensive Japanese gold coin. more ]

Germany’s Oldest Coin Dealerships

Sometimes, the title of our CoinsWeekly Coin Records requires a plural. The record for the oldest coin dealership in Germany can be awarded to two businesses! more ]

The World’s Most Expensive British Coin

This week, the CoinsWeekly Coin Records take us back to the early days of the 18th century and to European countries at war over the Spanish succession. In this context, what is today the world’s most expensive British coin ever sold in a public auction was created. more ]

The World’s Most Expensive Russian Bond

Not only coins and medals sell for extraordinary prices and are worth being recognized in the CoinsWeekly Coin Records. The most expensive Russian bond sold for 12,810 USD in December of 2018. more ]

The Most Expensive Byzantine Coin

Two unalike sisters jointly ruled over the Byzantine Empire for a few weeks. A gold histamenon from that time can probably be added to the CoinsWeekly Coin Records as the most expensive Byzantine coin ever sold in a public auction. more ]

The Most Expensive Islamic Coin

It is not only one of the rarest Islamic coins in the world, it is also said to be the most expensive one ever to be sold in an auction. As it sold for a hammer price of 3.7 million GBP, it certainly must be added to the CoinsWeekly Coin Records. more ]

The world’s most expensive coin

We know something the Guinness World Records don’t. CoinsWeekly’s Coin Records present what is likely to be the most expensive coin ever sold in an auction. The final price for the item amounted to a record 10,016,875 US dollars. more ]

The World’s Biggest Coin Conventions

CoinsWeekly Coin Records ring in the New Year with a look at the world’s biggest coin conventions. The title has to be split amongst events in Asia, North America, and Europa. But there are some small differences. more ]

Record Update – The Most Expensive Greek Coin

An earlier CoinsWeekly Coin Record submission has been surpassed: the world’s most expensive Greek coin. Our readers have pointed out a piece that sold for an impressive 3.25 million U.S. dollars in 2012. more ]

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