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New Book on Indian Coins

This book is an attempt to understand the contributions of the Traikutakas, a dynasty that ruled over North Konkan in the fifth sixth century CE, by considering various types of data and art history related to them focusing on the artistic developments in this region. more ]

Studies of South Asian Numismatics

This book “A Study of Coins” covers Numismatic studies of South Asia from earliest time to modern period. This is the first kind of study, which will highlight from the first Punch marked coins issued between 7-6 century BC to present era. more ]

Festschrift in honour of East Asian numismatics specialist Joe Cribb

Joe Cribb is a renown specialist of coins and paper money of Asia. In a new volume numerous other experts cover various of his interest fields with own contributions ranging from Greek coinage to minting technology in India...
more ]

New book on the coinage of Jodhpur

Jan Lingen, an expert of Indian numismatics offers in his new monograph a comprehensive view on the coinage of Jodhpur state and is the result of a painstaking research of more than three decades and his vast expertise on the subject. more ]

Book on Coins of India with current prices 1835-2012

A new specialized study of coins of India from pre-independence era till date offers valuations, description, representative photos including proof and UNC sets highlighting the individual characteristics and composition of each of these coins. more ]

Book on Kushan’s coinage

A new book on Kushan’s coinage in the light of recent discoveries and interpretations has been published recently. Vidula Jayaswal has put together a list of contributions by various experts on the topic illuminating many aspects in regard. more ]

Book on East India Company Coinage

Dr. Paul Stevens' ‘The Coins of the Bengal Presidency’ is the first of a planned three part series on the coins of the East India Company, this will be the new standard reference work for the next generation of numismatists. more ]

Standard Guide to Indian Paper Money Revised

The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money very effectively chronicles the evolution of Indian currency dating back to 1770 and captures the various nuances of modern day currency as well as interesting incidents that helped shape this sector over the years. more ]

Catalogue of Indian Coins

The new catalogue book ‘Specialized Study of Coins of India’ presents coins from pre independence era till date with valuations, description representative photos including proof and UNC sets highlighting the individual characteristics and composition of each coin. more ]

The Uniform Coinage of India

In 2012 Spink has published a catalogue of India’s uniform coinage between 1835 and 1947. Paul Steve and Randy Weir have created thus a new reference book one can no longer do without when describing these coins, as Ursula Kampmann states. more ]

Latest publications from Moneta in 2014

The publishing house Moneta (Belgium) has released several new or revised books. Moneta publishes volumes on numismatics, monetary history and coin finds, from antiquity to present times, in various languages. more ]

Huns in India

In Vienna, a new monograph on the coins of the Huns in India has been published within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project “The cultural history of the Western Himalaya”. Ursula Kampmann reviews Matthias Pfisterer’s work for you. more ]

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