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Catalogue of the Coins of Augustus – As book or in the Internet

In 2009 the Museum August Kestner presented an exhibit on the coins of Augustus. Responsible for this presentation was... more ]

Important Catalogue on the Coinage of the Achaian League

Steve M. Benner, Achaian League Coinage of the 3rd through 1st centuries B.C.E.
Anyone wanting to identify coins of the Achaian League had to spend a lot of money so far. The existing catalogues were ... more ]

New numismatic publications available at the ANS

Two new publications of the ANS are now available for a special pre-order price... more ]

„All that glitters...: Contributions to Greek numismatics“

The Belgian School at Athens and the Numismatic Museum of Athens organize a conference on Greek numismatics... more ]

Important Book on the Economic History of the Kingdom of Ancient Macedonia

Yannis Touratsoglou, well-known Greek numismatist, has published a study, which is dedicated to one of the most important kingdoms of Antiquity... more ]

A Handbook on Electrum Coins

Joseph Linzalone, an American coin dealer, has published a book on the topic of his special interest: early electrum coins. Being a dealer he knows what collectors do really need: an elaborate catalog featuring the major types provided with excellent photos... more ]

Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection has been published as SNG 6

The Academy of Athens has published a new volume of the international series “Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum” entitled “The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection. From Thessaly to Euboea.” more ]

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