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The end of a 135 year long monetary history?

Is the end of 50-øre pieces in Norway approaching? more ]

A Sami protest against Norwegian coin politics

How can the language of the Same be integrated into Norwegian coinage? more ]

New silver coins in 2011 to celebrate sports in Norway

On January 8, 2011 Norges Bank will issue two commemorative silver coins to mark the central role of sports in Norway... more ]

Norwegian 50-øre coin to be withdrawn

Norges Bank has decided that the 50-øre coin shall be withdrawn from circulation and no longer be legal tender from 1 May 2012... more ]

The Norwegian Bank commemorates the Royal couple’s birthdays in 2012

Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja will both be celebrating their 75th birthdays in 2012, and a silver commemorative coin will be issued by Norges Bank to mark the occasion... more ]

10-krone coin to commemorate the bicentenary of Norway’s first university

This year is the bicentenary of the founding of Norway’s first university. To mark the event, Norges Bank will issue a special edition 10-krone circulation coin on May 3, 2011... more ]

A new hearing from Norway on damaged coins and banknotes

What should be done with worn and damaged bank notes? The Norwegian Central Bank is discussing the different possibilities... more ]

50-øre coins in Norway with date error

New 50-øre coins ordered by Norge bank have a date error. According to the bank this will not cause any problems for their circulation. But the coins will neither be interesting for collectors: More than 8 million have been struck showing this error... more ]

Mandela Luthuli Laureate twin set minted to commemorate Nobel win 50 years on

On November 23, 2011 the South African Gold Coin Exchange issued a new set of gold medallions commemorating the 50th anniversary of Chief Albert Luthuli winning the Nobel Peace Prize... more ]

Norway to withdraw banknotes

Norges Bank informs that the banknotes in the previous Series VI will soon be worthless. Many banknotes in this series are still in circulation. Norges Bank will no longer be obliged to redeem these notes as from 1 November 2012. more ]

Norway commemorates 100 years universal suffrage

In 1913, a decision was taken by the Storting, the Norwegian parliament, to extend universal suffrage to include women. To mark the 100th anniversary of this event, Norges Bank has issued a 10-krone special edition circulation coin on 8 March 2013. more ]

Silver coin to celebrate the birthdays of Norvegian Royal couple

Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja both celebrate their 75th birthdays in 2012. To mark the occasion, Norges Bank has issued a commemorative silver coin on the King’s birthday, 21 February. Queen Sonja celebrates her 75th birthday on 4 July. more ]

50-øre coin retired

Norges Bank decided in March 2011 that the 50-øre coin will be withdrawn from circulation. Since May 2012 the coin has stopped to be legal tender. This was the end of a coin with a long tradition. more ]

Norway searching for an efficient payment system

According to the Norges Bank 2011 Annual Report on Payment Systems Norway and Iceland lead the world in payment card usage. To reduce payment costs the banks are developing services to increase the speed of payment transfers and contactless payments. more ]

The 50-year Jubilee of the “Man-Hole Cover” and Other Coin News from Norway

In 2013 the Norwegian 5-kroner coin will celebrate its 50-year anniversary, but perhaps more famously, the 10-kroner nickel silver coin will celebrate 30 years since its introduction in 1983. more ]

Planning Norway’s future commemorative coins

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has constituted a committee of three members to plan the future of commemorative coin production in Norway. The three-member committee is administrated by Per J. Jordal, from the Centre party. more ]

Theme of Norway’s new banknotes: ‘The Sea’

In order to enhance banknote security, Norges Bank started work on a new banknote series in autumn 2012. The theme of the new series will be the sea, reflecting its importance for Norway’s business sector and economic prosperity. more ]

Sami parliament asks for commemorative coin

To celebrate the 100-year jubilee of the first Sami national meeting it was proposed that the central bank issues a commemorative coin or banknote. Although a first request was declined, the matter has not been decided yet and continues to provide a lively political debate. more ]

Norges Bank commemorates Constitution bicentenary

This year, 2014, is the bicentenary year of the signing of the Norwegian Constitution. To mark this important event in Norway's history, Norges Bank has issued two commemorative coins on 16 February 2014. more ]

Motif for Supreme Court of Norway commemorative coin chosen

The year 2015 will mark the bicentenary of the inception of the Supreme Court of Norway. Norges Bank will commemorate this event by issuing an NOK 20 special edition circulation coin. more ]

Norwegian Commemorative Coin for Supreme Court Bicentenary

Norges Bank issued a 20-krone special edition circulation coin to mark the bicentenary of the inception of the Supreme Court of Norway. The coin shows one of the two lion sculptures flanking the main stairway in the Supreme Court’s entrance hall. more ]

Artist Chosen to Design Motif of Norges Bank’s Bicentenary Coin

Kjersti M. Austdal won the competition to design the reverse side of Norges Bank’s bicentenary coin with the motif “Norgespulsen”. The coin will be issued to commemorate the central bank’s bicentenary in 2016. more ]

Norway’s new banknotes

On 22 November 2016, Norway’s new banknotes were on public display for the first time. The first denominations will be put into circulation in summer 2017. The banknotes feature a common theme instead of portraits. more ]

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