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A relic from Germany’s post-war era: a hoard of cigarette boxes

Time and again the happiness has been described a collector experiences when at a coin fair he finds the one, the small and seemingly insignificant object ... more ]

German oaks and national sentiments

It is rather unspectacular what can be seen on German 1, 2 and 5 Cent coins: a simple oak branch – boring, one might say. However, the oak symbol is very old and closely connected with Germany, its national identity and its democracy for nearly 300 years... more ]

A numismatic relic of the Miracle of Bern

On November 22, 2011, the auction house Rapp in Wil will auction off a numismatic relic of one remarkable event in the history of sports. On July 4, 1954 Lászlo Budai and the legendary “Mighty Magyars” won “only” silver... more ]

Between Germany and France: The Duchy of Lorraine

On 16 May 2017, one of the most significant collections of Lorraine that has come on the market during the last decades will be put to auction at the Heidelberger Münzhandlung. We will tell you the story of this duchy on the basis of a few of the collection’s rarities. more ]

Wooden masks and black storks – The Hungarian Central Bank issues new coins in April

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued three silver coins in the month of April celebrating a festivity of major importance for the whole country, a great poet, and Hungary’s magnificent Danube National Park...
more ]

A visit to the Stuttgart Mint

CoinsWeekly received an invitation for a visit to the Stuttgart Mint. We needn’t be asked twice. Here is a short report about how it looks there… more ]

Martin Luther Art-Medals Commemorating 500 Years Protestant Reformation

Establishing a partnership with German medallist Victor Huster the International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals (IARCM) strikes the first in a series of art-medals commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation... more ]

10 Euro commemorative coin in honor of Schadow

A new 10 Euro commemorative coin in honor of the 250th birthday of Schadow will be issued in May. As Schadow’s masterpiece, the “coin frieze”, is currently not publicly available, the Berlin Mint has created a photorealistic presentation and published a catalogue at a very reasonable price. more ]

State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg Present Art Medal “Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche”

This year’s art medal created by the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg honors the great automobile pioneers Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche: “Then as now, Porsche stands for ingenuity, image, quality and values.” more ]

Germany to re-introduce circulating commemorative coins in silver

The German government decided to change the material of the circulating commemorative coins from cupro-nickel to silver. The demand for these coins, which can be bought for nominal value at many bank counters had witnessed a sharp fall, after the introduction of cupro-nickel as material in 2011. more ]

New €20 banknote unveiled in Frankfurt

On February 24 the ECB’s President Mario Draghi unveiled the new €20 banknote in Frankfurt and announced that it would enter into circulation on 25 November 2015. more ]

The funny side of numismatics: book recommendations for the boxing week

Well, did you find the wrong book under the Christmas tree, again? Then there is only one thing to do, hurry to the computer and order an entertaining, numismatically tinged book yourself. Ursula Kampmann has compiled some books tips (also for listening). more ]

Le Grand Mint presents silver bullion coin ‘Tapir’

Le Grand Mint presents their second silver bullion coin in the ‘Wonderful World’ series. It is dedicated to the tapir, a brave survivalist in the jungle. more ]

Württemberg Paper Money

Numismatically, there are only a few areas as well-researched as Württemberg. But still, time and time again there comes something new: Now, a paper money catalog became available. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

10 Years Inventors from Baden-Württemberg

For ten years, the State Mints of Baden-Württemberg have released a new issue of their successful “Inventors from Baden-Württemberg” series each year. The 2016 issue is devoted to the “Father of the Chainsaw”. We show how the high-relief medals are made. more ]

Germany releases a series of Polymer coins

Kicking off the five-part series “Climate Zones of the Earth”, the 5-euros commemorative coin, to be released in 2017, is devoted to the “Tropical Zone”. Made of copper-nickel alloys, the coin will be equipped with a translucent red polymer ring. more ]

More polymer: the new German commemorative coins series

On August 25, 2016, the German Federal Ministry of Finance announced its plans for a new series of commemorative coins that will be equipped with a polymer ring. The motif reads “Climate Zones of the Earth”. more ]

New at Degussa: iridium and ruthenium bars

As the first dealer in precious metals, Degussa Goldhandel offers bars made of iridium and ruthenium. more ]

Berlin exhibition on money’s power over art

What happens when art gets caught up in the maelstrom of money and power? This question is at the heart of the exhibition “Art Coins Money / MUSE MACHT MONETEN”, presenting answers of the artists themselves. It can be viewed at the Bode-Museum until 27 May 2017. more ]

Minting of new 5-euro polymer coin has begun

Following the great success of the first coin “Planet Earth” equipped with a blue polymer ring, the German Federal Ministry of Finance decided to issue a five-part coin edition “Climate Zones of the Earth”. On Monday, the first coin was minted in Karlsruhe. more ]

Why Germany has Five State-Owned Mints

Many a coin collector is wondering why France and Great Britain own one mint, while Germany has five state-owned mints at its disposal. Why Germany does so and why it will probable continue to have them for a while, is summarised in this article. more ]

The Privatisation Disaster of the German Bundesdruckerei

The privatisation of state-owned companies may unburden a state. Mind you, may, but does not have to. Because when a privatisation is implemented as ill-considered as in the case of the German Federal Printing Office, significant damage to the taxpayers can be done. more ]

Peculiarities of Globalisation: German Blanks Acquisition

Who could imagine that German 1 and 2 euro cents are struck on Russian blanks? This article which was first published in the Mint News Quarterly addresses some odd inconsistencies in the German blank acquisition policy. more ]

German collector coin “Subtropical climate zone”

Germany will dedicate the second coin of the five-part series, “Climate zones of the Earth” to the subtropical zone. The 5-euro coin with an orange polymer ring will be issued in 2018. more ]

45 Years of Sino-German Friendship: Commemorative Pandas Struck

In 2017, China and Germany celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Michael Chou and Künker took this as an occasion to initiate two medals of which the German version was first struck on June 30, 2017. more ]

Luther 2017

‘Luther Imagines 2017’ is the title of the latest exhibition catalog of the State Coin Collection Munich. In line with the Reformation year, distinguished numismatists recall past Reformation jubilees. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

Polymer Coin Wins IACA Award for Best Coin Innovation

The IACA Excellence in Currency 2017 Coin Awards were conferred during The Coin Conference in Warsaw on October 24, 2017. The German Polymer-coin was awarded the prize for Best Coin Innovation. more ]

2018 Coin of the Year: The Winners

At the World Money Fair Berlin the COTY trophies for 2018 were awarded on 3 February 2018. From the 10 winners of the first round in different categories the international panel of judges chose the Coin of the Year: the 5 euro polymer coin from Germany. Find all winners here. more ]

Gold as a safe haven?

Ask your investment consultant. He will tell you that gold has been a safe haven since the creation of the world. And when he tells you so, he has forgotten that the American ban of gold ownership was lifted as late as December 31, 1974. more ]

A numismatic soccer dream?

Will Germany win the soccer world cup 2018 and celebrate the victory with a collector coin? In 2016, a possible German victory in the European championship was actually the theme in a competition. Read some thoughts on that by numiscontrol. more ]

New German Collectors’ Coin “Temperate Climate Zone”

The German government has announced a 5-euros collectors’ coin “Temperate Climate Zone” with an incorporated green polymer ring. This coin is the third issue of the five-part “Climate Zones of the Earth” and is expected to be issued in September of 2019. more ]

Challenge Coins – A Memento of Camaraderie

A new tradition, which the numismatic world has been oblivious to so far, has developed in the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, over the past 20 years. As symbols of brotherhood and loyalty, soldiers are having medals minted to preserve their accomplishments for eternity. more ]

First-Strike Ceremony of 10 Euro Polymer Coin

The 5 euro collector’s coins with incorporated polymer rings have been incredibly popular ever since they were first issued. In 2019, a 10 euro polymer coin will be available for the first time. The first specimens were struck in a ceremony at the Karlsruhe Mint on November 14, 2018. more ]

Leipzig University Library receives collection of medals made by local artist Bruno Eyermann

The Leipzig University Library first presented its 218 newly-acquired collection of medals made by Bruno Eyermann to the public. Eyermann was the central figure among Leipzig’s artistic medalists in the first half of the 20th century. more ]

The Fascinating World of Swords

The Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart has dedicated an exhibition to the symbol of power. Visitors will not only find fascinatingly beautiful swords, but also weapons and battle scenes depicted on paintings, Hollywood posters, and – coins and medals! more ]

Unveiling of New 200 euro and 100 euro as Part of “Europa” Series

The European Central Bank has unveiled the designs and new security features of the two remaining banknotes to undergo updates. The new banknotes will be available throughout the Eurozone in May of 2019. more ]

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