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Fernão do Pó: First issue of Equatorial Guinea since long

It’s a truly memorable event for collectors of African coins: after a long period of dis-continuation, the West African Republic of Equatorial Guinea is finally issuing a new commemorative coin at the end of September, designed by the Liechtenstein company Coin Invest Trust. more ]

Common Swordtail – butterfly in 3D

Good news for butterfly fans: the three-dimensional butterfly from Coin Invest Trust is so true-to-life that it could almost count as a preserved specimen. The fifth issue in the “Butterflies in 3D” series is dedicated to a particularly exotic species. more ]

Crystal Skull

CIT Coin Invest AG continues its successful “Skulls” series. This latest silver coin impresses most notably with its complex manufacturing process. Both the powerful symbolism and the new technologies used in production make this coin truly unique. more ]

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