Friday, 30.10.2020

Tatjana Berga (1944-2020)

The Latvian and Baltic numismatist society mourns the recent loss of Tatjana Berga on October 2, 2020. The dedicated archaeologist and numismatist was one of the most productive and versatile researchers of her generation. Viktors Dāboliņš remembers her.

The Caratacus Stater: the Most Wanted Coin of the Most Wanted Man in the Roman Empire

A unique gold stater of Caratacus, Britain’s famous freedom fighter resisting the Roman invasion, has just been discovered and is about to be sold at auction. Chris Rudd presents what we know about Caratacus’ life and his coins.

Mines, Metals, and Money in Ancient Greece

“Mines, Metals, and Money” is the latest volume in the Metallurgy in Numismatics series. The studies deal with geology and mining in ancient Greece, the manufacture and metallurgy of ancient Greek coins and the analysis and conservation of these coins.

Numismatic Bookplates – a Wonderful Field of Collection

On 2 and 3 November 2020, auction house Künker in Osnabrück will auction off the library of coin dealer Alain Poinsignon. Just like every great library, it contains books that were previously owned by other numismatists and coin collectors. Bookplates tell this story. And we tell some stories about the bookplates.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at the medical congress…


MintNews Quarterly 7/2020 September

  • The Secondary Market: A Question of Essential Importance
  • How to Break the Vicious Circle and Create a Secondary Market
  • How to Foster an Active Secondary Market: the Classic Coin Market as a Model
  • Best Practice: What Classic Coin Dealers Do to Promote Numismatics
  • The Ten Commandments of Contemporary Coinage

MünzenMarkt 32

  • Die Macht der Bilder des Augustus
  • Embleme – verzwickte Bilderrätsel auf Münzen und wie man sie löst
  • Verunglimpfung, Hohn & Lächerlichkeit: Die Welt der Spottmedaillen
  • 180.000 Euro kostet der teuerste deutsche Taler
  • Unter der Lupe: Auktionsberichte



Nuremberg’s Most Beautiful Coins in a Film

Heidelberger Münzhandlung Grün offers in its auction No. 80 numerous coins from Nuremberg. In a short film, you will see a selection of the city’s most beautiful ducats, talers and pfennigs.


Wacks, Mel

Mel Wacks is an expert in Jewish coins and co-founder of several American numismatic associations. He founded what probably is the longest-running private medal series.