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200 years of service for the Popes – Hamerani, the dynasty of medallists

A Bavarian goldsmith had to flee from Munich. Who would have thought that he was to become the ancestor of one of the most important dynasty of Italian medallists? more ]

The sorrowful life of the Ottoman Prince Cem

The life of Prince Cem – the youngest son of Mehmed II – was no fortunate life at all. Even dead he was not granted peace: they demanded 5,000 ducats for the prince’s body. more ]

Expeditions into the realm of numismatics Part 1: The missing gold gulden or Basel as papal mint

In our series “Expeditions into the realm of numismatics”, we are taking you on an expedition to the treasures of the Basel Coin Cabinet. The first part revolves around a minting die for a papal gold gulden with the title of Felix V. more ]

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