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The Becchina case – or: a footnote to practical aspects of the return of cultural property

Naturally, stolen items have to be returned. But what happens to seized objects if they aren’t claimed by any state? And why is it that in Italy even the most notorious tomb raiders go unpunished? The Becchina case presents us with unanswered questions. more ]

Zimbabwe decommissions currency

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced the official demonetization of the Zimbabwe dollar. For many years, foreign money replaced the multiple-digit local currency. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, on the Peloponnes ... more ]


Human faces, part 39: The price of power

Possessing colonies with vast resources of silver, Spanish king Philip II could have helped his kingdom to enormous economic prosperity. But even the largest treasure of silver could not realise Philip’s power-hungry fantasy of proselytizing half of Europe. more ]

Auction sales

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